Essays on Marketing Pan for Green Pizza Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Pan for Green Pizza Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia" is a great example of a marketing case study.   Green Pizza restaurant which specializes in pizza looks to ensure that they satisfy the customer through value in their offerings. (Kerin, 2005) To ensure this Green Pizza restaurant has ensured that the marketing strategy is developed in a manner which focuses on the customer and looks towards quality food and services. This helps to build strong customer relations which ensure that they will remain loyal and help to build a strong base of customers for the future (Armstrong & Kotler, 2005, p. 6). The report looks into the different marketing approach adopted by Green Pizza restaurant.

While finding out the mechanism used by the company stress is made on the mission, vision, marketing strategies which will help Green Pizza restaurant to develop a sustainable strategy for the future. Purpose of the report To look into the internal analysis of Green Pizza restaurant which will help to understand the marketing strategies used by the organization To identify the effects of the external environment on the working of Green Pizza restaurant To find out the marketing plan for Green Pizza restaurant along with the time schedule To identify the SWOT analysis which will help to find out the growth alternatives which will help Green Pizza restaurant Situation Analysis (Internal to the company) Background of Green Pizza Restaurant The restaurant is located in Eastern Riyadh.

The restaurant has an advantage as there are shops and eating centres surrounding the restaurant. This provides an opportunity for Green Pizza Restaurant to tap and will ensure that their business grows. Added to it is the variety of offers made by the restaurant.

Green Pizza Restaurant has a lot of options when it comes to pizzas which will ensure that the restaurant does well and attracts customers of all types. Company’ s mission, objectives and growth strategies Green Pizza Restaurant looks to attract customers by offering pizza which is healthy, freshly made and also looking into the issues of obesity. This strategy has helped Green Pizza Restaurant built a pleasant environment around the brand (Armstrong & Kotler, 2005, p. 42). This has helped Green Pizza Restaurant develop a mission statement for their restaurant.

The mission of Green Pizza Restaurant is to provide quality food which is healthy and considers health issues for the upper class of the society. Green Pizza Restaurant has used this strategy considering the status and income level of people in Riyadh. The average income for a normal person who works ranges from SR 4000 to SR 10000. This income increases for the businessmen and this are the main sections of the consumers who visit the stores for pizza and fun. Green Pizza Restaurant has been able to find the requirement of the higher income class and develop pizza which matches the taste and requirements of this section.

Green Pizza Restaurant, as a result, has been able to use a strategy where they try to differentiate their food based on quality and taste so that the people in the higher income bracket which are more susceptible to it can be attracted. Green Pizza Restaurant has thus been able to identify its long term objectives as loyalty, quality in food which helps to improve customer focus and ensure profitability by changing with the environment.

Green Pizza Restaurant has thus directed their strategy to be aimed as customers by ensuring customer relationship management, loyalty, and ensuring that each aspect is looked into.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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