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The paper "Management Communication Issues" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Informative representation mainly focuses on specific topics targeting an audience. The presentation is educative to members of the organization in a variety of aspects from specialized members. The presentation has to be well structured in several units so that ideas are well passed to members with the agenda of all members to grasp each concept effectively. Well, structured presentation wins the hearts of clients hence sticking to the presenter’ s advice about competing products in the market.

With the audience fully educated about the product from informative representation, it is believed that the audience will pass out the information to society members hence attracting new customers. Contrary to informative representation is persuasive representation. Persuasive representation aim audience to change perception on certain products or services. Mostly the presentation is a business sell speech. To fully persuade the audience and the salespersons, principles of authority, scarcity, liking, consensus, reciprocating, consistency and commitment need to be observed. The presentation needs to convince the members that the ideas are beyond reasonable doubts.   Certain words communicate values, bias or opinion.

Some of the biased words are either vague like to need and to matter or to ought to. Others include moral terms like honor, perverse and filthy. Additionally freak, brave coward, nigger and self-centred are an example of value terms used in biasness in news. Social terms bias words in the news involves insult, blame, shame and decency. Reciprocity is a mutual understanding with the intention of exchange of services and values with both parties benefiting. In current society, any business activity involves reciprocity.

As such, various television programs shows reciprocity with customers receiving goods and services from sellers while sellers receive liquid cash from the customers. The aspect entails receiving as u pay. Reciprocity builds trust between the involved members. Trust is gained from the individual personality of looking appealing to reciprocity from buying the products and selling the products. Reciprocity occurs due to influence and persuasion. It’ s an automatic rule whereby one feels obligated to pay for services offered. If a staff member once filled for fellow member over a weekend, the obvious is that the filled in member is expected to reciprocate back when asked to; showing its payback. Honesty is a golden rule since it diminishes greed or envy.

The business program goes ahead to show that the business managers treat the customers with trustworthy expecting the same favor from the clients. Customers are seen shopping for products and paying in instalments hence showing conducive business environment showing honesty. Ethically, exploitation means taking advantage of something or someone. The image below shows a staff member being used as phone messenger, as a mechanic, time watcher and online researcher. Exploitation in offices is highly trending.

Staff members are currently exploited in offices since companies try to reduce financial records towards employee’ s salaries. Work productivity is expected to be higher though single employees perform a variety of tasks. The employees don’ t have options since job opportunities are limited hence psychological desperation of jobs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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