Essays on Selected Compliance Systems - Safety with Food Handling, Preparation, Storage, Using Cooking Implements Assignment

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The paper “ Selected Compliance Systems - Safety with Food Handling, Preparation, Storage, Using Cooking Implements" is a  wonderful example of an assignment on management. This paper explores the processes of developing compliance plans for two selected compliance areas, - safety with food handling, preparation, storage, using cooking implements and working obligations. Further, the personnel requirement involved in developing the plan are explored, other areas examined include the kind of training needed and the documentation required. The paper further discusses how breaches are handled by the club and the action plans for developing the compliance plans.

Other issues explored include the cost and financial aspects of the two proposed plans, the impacts of these compliance plans and the monitoring and review process for the plans. Selected compliance systems Safety with food handling, preparation, storage, using cooking implementsRSL Club needs to ensure that its employees involved in the processes of handling and preparing food have the competency in food safety and hygiene matters. To ensure compliance with this requirement, RSL Club should come up with a compliance plan that will ensure the relevant staff aware of safety with food handling, preparation, storage and using cooking implements. Staff training, networking and professional development programs that ensure employees are sufficiently trained to meet its policies such as responsible food service, as well as legislative requirements for handling food are suggested for RSL Club.

The plan set out will be aimed at teaching the current employees new skills on handling the members satisfactorily, exposing them to the state and federal regulations and statutes, enabling them to put into practice the clubs established policies and procedures, as well as giving them an opportunity to implement and get feedback on certain styles and techniques in their service delivery.

RSL Club can do the training for newly recruited staff or the old staff. It should be strictly aimed at bettering the clubs service delivery level. Within the training, the significance of adhering to the club’ s policy should be underscored, as well as the risk the organizations and individuals are exposed by failing to comply (Baca et al 2007). It should also set out standards of behavior expected from the club members and. The code of conduct should also promote values expected from the members who may encourage carrying their own food or beverages (Sutter n. d.). Working obligationsRSL Club needs to come up with a compliance plan that ensures adherence to all federal and state legislation as well as industry standards that set out working conditions for its employees.

To ensure adherence to this, the organization needs an idyllic plan that ensures that the organization strictly observes workplace obligations, such as non-discrimination, equal opportunity and duty of care. A plan for developing a full-fledged compliance monitoring and risk unit is suggested for RSL Club.

The unit will consist of a group of highly motivated consultants charged with the duty of coming up with a range of support services to asses, create and improve operational processes. The unit should work collaboratively with the club’ s executive and management to assess the working conditions, as well as audit and assess the employees’ capabilities, performances and recommend rewards or promotions. This will ensure that the employees are highly motivated and that the organization complies with principles of Fair Work Act 2009, such as in avoiding unfair employee dismissals and paying its employees’ wages that are commensurate with their work experience and qualifications in compliance with the Act.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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