Essays on Managers and Work Relationships - Competitiveness and Conflict Resolution Coursework

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The paper "Managers and Work Relationships - Competitiveness and Conflict Resolution" is an excellent example of coursework on management. Within the workplace, there are many competencies that are required by the managers and employees to be exhibited so that the employees and the managers develop a strong relationship with each other. The competencies not only help the managers and the employees to get along with each other but it helps to develop a better understanding of the ways to develop a comfortable environment to work with each other. There are five main competencies required at the workplace (Topchik 10).

These include; Resources. Managers at the workplace need to allocate proper resources through appropriate identification. The resources are inclusive of time, money, the facilities required at the workplace, and the human resources. These are the resources that need to be managed properly (Cloke 14). Interpersonal relationships need to be understood is the team leader, as a team member, being a negotiator and the manager should be able to teach the other employees the skills in a better manner. Acquiring the information and making the proper use of the information is one of the main competencies required at the workplace (Ashkanasy 15). Proper systems need to be implemented that understand the complex interrelationships within the working environment and are able to evaluate the performance of the employees. The integration of the technology at the workplace increases the competence level so the proper management of the technology is thereby needed (Smith 10). Workplace competencies are one factor that can have positive control over the interpersonal relationships that exist within the workplace.

The relationships are the vital part to be seen within the workplace as work in the workplace runs smoothly when the interrelationships are smoother. The conflicts are the main crisis that is to be avoided in any workplace.

The managers at the workplace are the ones who must be having the competency level to deal with the conflicts that occur between the employees within the workplace (Deutsch 10). Many kinds of conflicts arise within the workplace where the main reason can be mismanagement of the managers. For the resolution of the conflicts, there are resolution skills that are required at the managerial level that include active listening skills that help in understanding the reason for conflict and being polite in replying.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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