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The paper "Business Portfolio" is a good example of a Business Assignment. My name is Samia. I am originally from China. I am a student at Harvard University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in business level one (majoring in Accounting). Am currently looking for an opportunity where I can be more involved in the firm operations to nourish the skills that   I have learned in the field of accounting to  assist the running of  the organization.   Besides, I aspire to have CIA and CPA licenses which I believe will add more value to my accounting skills. Career Inspirations Norton Bedford, Accounting Professor at the University of Illinois, inspires me so much as far as accounting is concerned.

He devoted his lifetime career to develop a conceptual base for accounting thought that we enjoy reading and applying today. He chaired AAA's Committee to define the future structure, content as well as scope of accounting education. The report from the meeting recommended changes that more adequately prepare accounting students to enhance their careers with ease. Indeed, his tireless efforts to redefine and restructure accounting concepts have played a significant part in my life.

He reaffirmed the idea that the ultimate aim of accounting is to establish a climate for fairness for investors, to help companies to avoid risks, and prosper as well as aiding people to be responsible in financial planning. Career Aspirations, Stages of Development and SWOT Analysis As a financial accountant, I aspire to develop more skills as I continue learning. It is my ultimate belief that the acquired skills will help me in securing a chance to work with Optiver Company and Sinopec (one of the largest companies in China) in the future. Like any other accountant, both personal growth and development are inevitable in life.

In this regard, I started the business course endowed with fewer skills but with unwavering hopes that one day I will make it. During the first and second years at the University, I learned a lot. However, grasping what the entire course needed was challenging as I had to engage in other areas of study and work. During the second to third years of my study, I started comprehending some of the basic concepts in accounting.

Markedly, it is at this period I began paying more attention to accounting concepts than before. As such, I saw the need of joining accounting clubs to nourish learned and self-acquired concepts.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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