Essays on A Corporate Situation That Could Disturb Managers in the Company Research Paper

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The paper "A Corporate Situation That Could Disturb Managers in the Company" is an excellent example of a research paper on management. The research aims at enhancing and identifying a corporate situation that could disturb managers in the company. One of the situations that were identified and analyzed in this report is the implementation of corporate social responsibility. Most managers face a rough time in implementing corporate social responsibility. The challenging situation is deciding the type of the responsibility to implement, and training the parties who will be responsible for implementing it. In order to supplement the wealth of research that already exists in this domain with a more practical approach on how to implement corporate social responsibility; I interviewed our main competitors in the market and the randomly collected people from the community.

The information collected has been used to compile this report. Introduction In my capacity as a manager, I have dealt with the most difficult situation in my company. The most challenging situations I faced were deciding the relevant corporate social responsibility to adopt. It is essential for every company to have social corporate responsibility because it is a way of returning services to the community.

However, the situation of deciding the type to adopt can be a great challenge for various managers. Challenges Facing Implementation The primary challenging situation in the implementation process is when the managers are about to decide the kind of corporate social responsibility to adopt. This is because the existing types of corporate social responsibility are essential for the company. According to Schwartz (2011), the success of the company entirely depends on the corporate social responsibility a company has involved itself in.

However, there are various factors that contribute to the success of the company. Scientific managers such as Frederick Taylor believe that corporate social responsibility improves the company’ s performance. This is because the company will position itself well in the market. The company image is essential because it acts as a marketing tool for the company. It is, therefore, advisable for the company to ensure that they adopt effective strategies to ensure that they position themselves well in the market. Some of the various types of corporate social responsibilities comprise of the following: Environmental Responsibility Human Rights Responsibilities Financial Responsibility Political Responsibility Market Situation Implementation of corporate social responsibilities will help the company boost its marketability.

The current market condition is good for the company. This is because the market size is large with many potential buyers. Market research indicates that the company is enjoying the high speed to market because of the ready market which is available. Other factors that emerged are that the company was enjoying the uniqueness of offer because the company is an effective issue of differentiation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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