Essays on International Business Machine's Strategy in Major Decision Making Case Study

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The paper "International Business Machine's Strategy in Major Decision Making" is a great example of a case study on management. Decision making is one of the core aspects of business management. A good business can only stand when good decisions are made pertaining to running the business. In most businesses, decision making is done by senior personnel and managers. Most managers and business leaders make important decisions by relying on their gut instinct and sometimes hurriedly oftentimes leading to poor results (Rasiel 32). Before any decision is made of implemented, it should be examined especially by considering alternative decisions.

It is therefore highly encouraged that decisions are made based on evidence and logic (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 26). There are a number of software programs in the market that aid managers in making the right decisions by feeding them with bits of information to assess the logic and validity of evidence. Nonetheless, whatever approach is used, for managers to make working business decisions, they need to have a clear vision of the future of the business, understand and consider risks and uncertainty, acknowledge that their decisions will impact other people and also have a process in place to review and improve decisions (Smith 29).

Successful businesses often display such characteristics in their decision making. Impeccable decision making allows firms to invent new strategies, adapt to new changes in the environment, and power innovation (Ibid). One of them that has excelled in following the right procedures in decision making is the international computing and IT solutions firm, IBM. This paper will, therefore, analyze IBM’ s strategy in major decision making with support from relevant sources such as books and company reports. IBM’ s Background In the last century, the International Business Machine (IBM) has been at the helm of computer technology, powering innovation after innovation.   Having started in the late 19th century through the merger of three different companies, Tabulating Machine Company, International Time Recording Company and Computing Scale Corporation to form the Computing Tabulating Recording (CTR) (Jain, Haley, Voola & Wickham 2012 p.

366), the company rose over time to be the world’ s second most profitable company with net income of US$6 billion on revenues of US$69 billion by 1990 (Applegate, Austin & Collins 1).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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