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Executive SummaryThis summary is going to look at a brief view of the contents of this paper, some of which include the evaluation of Jack Sprat’s Restaurant in terms of it being capable of achieving the status of a high potential venture, which will be done by the use of the key areas used in the assessment of a new venture. This paper aims to look at the progress that Chris has made over time up to date based on the case study that has been provided. Any piece of advice that is available and relevant in regards to the business plan that Chris has will be mentioned and discussed within this paper.

This paper is going to look at entrepreneurship with special focus on the case study of Jack Sprat’s Restaurant which is the brain child of Chris Harami, which was developed over time, as a result as a desire to own a chain of restaurants and the drive to succeed. This means that Chris is an entrepreneur. The word entrepreneur is a French word which means a person who is keen on innovations and finance with an aim of transforming these innovations in to goods of economics.

This may give rise to new organizations or may even modify existing organizations with regards to the opportunity that was perceived by the individual or group of individuals. The most common form of engaging in entrepreneurial activity involves the starting of a new business venture, but lately there have been inclusions of political and social activity in this field happening, which has altered the definition of the term itself. Intra-preneurship is when the activities of entrepreneurship are described within an organization that is relatively large and it includes such activities such as corporate venturing.

The activities that are involved in entrepreneurship differ depending on the type of venture that an individual or group is keen on initiating. The activities of an entrepreneur may range from activities that are solo, meaning that it involves only the entrepreneur, to activities that are capable of creating employment for other unemployed individuals. Chris Harami decided to start a chain of fast food restaurants that mainly dealt with food that are considered healthy in the sense that they are low in fat or fat free.

This was due to the passion that he had always had ever since he was in Business School, and also due to the fact that he had an uncle and an aunt who had succeeded in the restaurant business, and he would have loved to emulate them considering that they were regarded as celebrities in their town. The paper is going to look the background of the franchise that Chris started, and how he managed to get into the restaurant business.

The paper is also going to attempt and answer the questions that are expected of it while at the same time referring to different theories and models of entrepreneurship. In doing this, the purpose of the report will be highlighted and thus, proving that the module under study was fully understood, and also applied in theory and in practice through the study of the case of Jack Sprat’s Restaurant case study.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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