Essays on Challenges for Todays International Managers in Cross-Cultural Management Coursework

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In general. the paper "Challenges for Todays International Managers in Cross-Cultural Management" is a great example of management coursework.   Employees in foreign-owned companies have risen significantly in the last two decades due to the expansion of activities in multinationals (Charlesworth, 2007). This has brought about multicultural workforce in these companies which makes it vital for multinationals to learn on how to handle them. The issue of handling the employees is left to the management. This brings about a major difficulty for today’ s managers. Different cultures have different beliefs, values and tastes which are the case with the multicultural workforce (Baum, et al, 2007).

This paper will look into multinational management, the problems they face and how they deal with them. Culture refers to the beliefs, rules and techniques which collectively defines a human population and their mindset. Research on culture is one aspect that multinationals have to look into and the impacts were foreseen so as to avoid failure in their expansion. The main aspect of cross-cultural management is the implementation of global business in the multicultural environment. The managers of the multinational business must be able to communicate, provide leadership, organize and motivate their employees across all cultures (Chaney et al, 2007).

This is why leadership must be culturally aware to be able to lead successfully. Good communication skills and cultural awareness serves as the most important aspect of a manager who is operating in the international industry. This can be compared to our professional lives where we have chances to meet and exchange ideas with people from different cultures to our own (Gudykunst & Kim, 2003). The act of communication between individuals from different cultures serves as a drive for success in the international business world.

An issue in cross-cultural management arises in various forms. For example, the managers from foreign multinationals need to realize that employees from the host nation may need a completely different organization structure and human resource management from that of the parent company (Forster, 2000). The management also needs to know that in some instances, it has to culturally adapt its services and products so as to make sales successfully. Looking at Ford in its multicultural management, a lot can be taken into account.

The company is a multinational with branches in many parts of the world. The company in its operation made some mistakes due to lack of enough cultural information in its management. The launching the ford low-cost truck in Spain and Ford Comet in Mexico were not successful in the market. The low-cost truck was sold in Spain as Feira which in the Spanish language meant “ ugly old woman” . On the other hand, the high-end car (Comet) was sold as Caliente which in the local slang meant “ prostitute” .

These models did poorly in the market due to branding without looking at the local languages. If the company had looked into the cultural aspect in terms of language, the loss could have been avoided (Harzing, 2001). Nestle presents a success in multicultural management due to good communication strategies across its management. The company is a multinational with employees drawn from different cultures. Nestle encourages employees to exchange ideas and develop the intercultural relationship. This is achieved by the company having Nestle Training and Conference Centre that helps in gathering its managers from different parts of the world for training (Gabriela et al, 2010).

The training focuses on encouraging the managers to form a friendship with people from different cultural backgrounds through communication. This is because forging a good relationship with a person from a different culture helps the managers relate to their culture.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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