Assignment Posting – Assignment Example

September 7, Blackboard Post: Continued Discussion of Community The community that was previously described was composed of out-of-school youths, predominantly female and who opted to be actively involved in an adult educational workshop to develop entrepreneurial skills. As such, this small community conforms to the description of a social organization in terms of containing the basic components, such as: (1) similar elements that apparently define it (out-of-school youths sharing similar interests and free time to attend educational workshops); (2) processes that make the social group work together (the aim or goal which is to learn a craft or a means of livelihood which could be productive and could generate income for these youths); (3) differentiation between members (as previously noted, the group was actually composed predominantly of females, but coordinators and volunteer workers were both males and females and in varied age groups, also from different cultural backgrounds); (4) stratification of members (layered social status were evident in terms of the members coming from different social classes: out of schools youths who have no regular income; educators and coordinators who were employed either full time or part time; volunteers who were supported by parents, like me).
For that experience of working as a volunteer in an adult educational workshop, one recognized that the rules and norms were defined in terms of the goals of the workshop and the desire to assist out-of-school youths to be productive members of society. The coordinated endeavors were therefore guided by principles of respecting diversity and acknowledging that this learning system worked through genuine support of other community members.