Business Pitch for Nanotechnology Chip & Health App – Assignment Example

LIFESAVER Bringing mobile health to you TARGET: TO PRODUCE AN APP THAT COMPLETELY PERSONALIZES HEALTHCARE THROUGH PATIENT-CENTERED AND EVIDENCE-BASED TREATMENT. To change patient-clinicians interaction by use of a mobile app fitted in smartphones and tablets. To coordinate multifarious care needs for patients and empower paramedics make unique and individualized healthcare decisions for patients. To convince state governments to develop and clinch the app in transforming the tantalizing healthcare industry. Health-related apps for tablets and smartphones has been a flourishing business in the recent past but none of the apps in the mHealth marketplace has been able to meritoriously and proficiently meet the needs of a patient-centered healthcare system. The app will screen patient’s health including blood pressure, cholesterol levels, sugar level and heart rate and screen the environment using the GPS technology and inform the person about any predominant illnesses in an area. The app will medical practitioners, aid workers and users to test and share results for illnesses such as cancer, Ebola, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and Xenopsylla cheopsis. Through a wireless technology, the app connects patients and physicians. Through an algorithm, any symptoms tracked by the app will be processed and stockpiled enabling the clinicians to determine the prevalent ailment when the patient visits a clinic or their personal consultants. Furthermore, it acts as”radar" for infections by acquainting an individual with ailments in the environ, thus plummeting visits to healthcare practitioners and costs of emergency care in instances of neonatal and pediatric procedures as it will trace nutrition, immunization and pregnancy development, functions that no single app has accomplished. Patients’ information will be transmitted by the app into the hospital IT infrastructure, electronic health records, thus augmenting data mining from the healthcare bionetwork, amassing swiftness and efficiency. FINANCIAL: Adjacent competitors of this app will be Sickweather and Apple’s health app. Acquisition cost of this apps as compared to the new app are: Sickweather $6 Apple’s health app $7.80 The new app will cost around $ 5.50, slightly cheaper than the current apps while programmed to perform multiple functions. Successful production and utilization of the app will help America save $400 billion annually by 2017 out of the yearly health expenditure of $6 trillion. STATUS: The development of the app is scheduled to start immediately and harness the great potential presented by the current technological advancement. Consultations are ongoing to induce Apple and Samsung technologies to proliferate their proceeds by using this app in their tablets and smartphones. Physicians and IT connoisseurs who will aid in in its development and improvement have also been accessed. ACTION: Support the development and implementation of the app.