Unit # 6 – Assignment Example

Deaf Children and Learning Few researches have been conducted on multicultural Deaf children and adults in education because of the perception people have about deafness. In relation to this, Johnson and McIntosh (2009, p.74, line 23-29) argue that different discussion and treatment of deafness from 12 other categories of disability outlined by IDEA 2004 makes researchers perceive Deafness as a cultural as well as linguistic minority instead of a disability. In other words, researchers fail to draw a conclusion about considering Deafness as a disability or not. In tandem with this, Johnson and McIntosh (2009, p.75, para.2, line 8-10) claim that the opposition of researchers’ understanding of a Deaf person as part of the cultural community contributes to researchers researching little on multicultural Deaf people.
CLD deaf children in an education setting learn sign language in school that varies from the one used at home (Parasnis, 1997, p.74, para. 5, line 1-6). Deaf children in an education setting also utilize adaptive equipment as well as special services like hearing aids, FM systems in addition to ASL interpreters in communicating effectively with people in the society (Parasnis, 1997, p.73, para. 3, line 19-24).
A CLD deaf person in a setting other than K-12 often uses gestures to communicate. The gestures used by such people correlate natural language. Such people also introduce language-like structure into the gestures they use in communication (Goldin-Meadow & Mylander, 1998, p.279, para.3, line 1-5 and para.4, line 2-3). Additionally, deaf children from different cultures pass their message via gesture sentences instead of single gestures (Goldin-Meadow & Mylander, 1998, p.279, para.5, line 2-4).
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