Essays on Offshoring - Employee Performance Management and Strategic Planning Implementation Case Study

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The paper “ Offshoring - Employee Performance Management and Strategic Planning Implementation” is an exciting example of the case study on human resources. Offshoring is a kind of outsourcing. Offshoring involves having an organization’ s functions performed in another country. The functions of a business are carried out in a foreign country through a foreign subsidiary. Often, work is usually offshore to decrease labor expenses. In some cases, offshoring may be done for strategic reasons; to enter in new markets, to get the professional skills that maybe not available in the home country or even to rise above that prevent certain activities domestically.

In some cases, offshoring which involves sending work in foreign countries with higher payments has been perceived to reduce the own country’ s domestic employment as well as domestic investment. Numerous customer service jobs in addition to jobs within the information countries are regularly affected (Bruce & Shawn 2005). Offshoring has its origin with a competitive theory for nations like India. Offshoring has undergone a transformation for a long time. As shifting of manufacturing procedure to countries that offer cheap labor during the Industrial Revolution had taken a new connotation for today’ s situation by starting off.

In the present globe, IT has turned out to be the stamina of business organization thought out all the industry. During offshoring, organizations hands over some of its work to organizations in foreign countries, which gives it the responsibility of planning purpose of design, developing and implementing business organization process under some specific notifications regarding requirements and specifications from the offshoring organizations. It is beneficial to both the offshoring organization and the dealer, as it offers the opportunity to the offshoring organization to reduce costs and augment quality in non-core areas of the organization and make use of the proficiency and competences for the maximizations (Stewart 2005). The Internet is in a big way of facilitating offshoring.

With the internet, it is easy to offshore services like web design, marketing as well as office administration. For instance, the internet enables offshoring of white-collar employees overseas at a notably low cost than in Australia. It is possible to run an internet business at home while the workers are in different countries.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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