Essays on Challenges Associated with Downsizing and Outsourcing Coursework

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The paper “ Challenges Associated with Downsizing and Outsourcing” is a persuasive example of the coursework on human resources. In the restructuring of an organization, there are several situations that take place. These could be laying off the workers, downsizing, or outsourcing (Susskind, 2007). Laying off workers refers to the termination of employees whereby the work in the organization has reduced and they are therefore now laid off. Laying off could be temporary for they can be rehired if opportunities arise again. This normally occurs in construction industries in the seasons when work reduces.

Downsizing on the other hand refers to the situation where employees are released because of changes in the organization that render what they did in the organization unnecessary. It is normally necessitated by things in the organization being reorganized or restructured. It leads to the elimination of some jobs. This they normally call it a reduction in force mainly done by government or military forces (Susskind, 2007). Outsourcing is also known as offshoring. It means that the work is being transferred to another organization which could be domestic or even overseas.

This paper will address the challenges associated with the activities of an international air carrier that is planning and implementing a downsizing exercise and outsourcing of its aircraft maintenance. This has been necessitated by a drop in finances due to global financial crises. It will also explain the successful change elements that need to be put into place so as to allow the organization to do well. This paper will entail recommendations to the airline organization. DownsizingDownsizing in any company could be caused by several causes.

One major cause can be increased productivity. The decrease in the demand of the products or the services that an organization produces calls for a reduction in the workers of the company. As a result it also calls for downsizing in the organization (Susskind, 2007). The demand for a company’ s products always dictates the level of activities in the company or organization. This is the case in the airline company as in the global international crisis people reduced their demand for the airline’ s services.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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