Essays on Service Planning Difficulty, MRP, MRP II, and ERP as Web-Based Business Solutions Assignment

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The paper “ Service Planning Difficulty, MRP, MRP II, and ERP as Web-Based Business Solutions" is a   great example of an assignment on business. The author focuses on service planning difficulty, and the advantages and disadvantages. Both service plan operations and manufacturing plans are in the business of customer satisfaction hence involving the organization in planning. Planning is therefore the same irrespective of the operation plan used though the mechanisms for customer value creation are diverse (Lawrence, Klimberg & Miori 2011). Service planning therefore gives a mission statement and the vision indicating the direction to be taken by the organization and the view by the customers.

Service plans are diverse as compared to manufacturing operations which are merely categorized into tangible goods production. Service operations entail industries like banking, hospitality, advertising and hospitality. Therefore, the output of service operations like consultancy, training and maintenance which are intangible exhibits a high level of flexibility. It is very difficult to apply a plan within an organization as a single individual hence collectivism for the sake of success in service plan implementation. An effective and efficient service plan facilitates the effective use of an organizations assets and resources in the goal achievements within schedule (Lawrence, Klimberg & Miori 2011).

This is highly feasible since it exploits the organizational resource use of available resource exploitation while minimizing the costs of running any given project. Service plans are applicable for projects which are medium term in terms of their duration of existence. Service firms do not hold inventory but create the services on demand hence no holding costs or wastage. In addition, service firms produce customer tailored products hence there is no possibility of rejection as a result of poor strategy.

Another advantage of the service firm operations is that they recruit labor that is both knowledge and skill specific for the service departments that they run.   A demerit that comes with this is that the plan is labor intensive and cannot be mechanized easily (Lawrence, Klimberg & Miori 2011). 2. Explain your analysis using course related principles(MRP, MRP II & ERP) The topic addresses the MRP, MRP II and ERP solutions with respect to their business requirements. The programs contain features that require be matching and customizing in line with the business and organization requirements.

Customization enhances a match between the offered solutions and the business that the firm engages in (Lawrence, Klimberg & Miori 2011). MRP, MRP II and ERP are business solutions that are web based. All users of such system therefore derive the benefit ranging from the managers, employees, vendors and clients. The benefits are highly controlled ensuring that only relevant information by any of the operators can be accessed by the party in use at the time hence exclusive data access.

The main functions of these systems are to ensure that materials and products are available on actual demand for either production or customer delivery. The level of inventory is also maintained at the lowest levels by the software. The devices are also important in the planning of manufacturing activities, schedules of delivery and purchase programs (Lawrence, Klimberg & Miori 2011). The program entails the following features: - customer and order managements, ingredients lists, management of inventory, accounting software integration, production plans and reporting and analysis (Lawrence, Klimberg & Miori 2011).

All the components above integrated results in the success of any organization in terms of goal achievement.    

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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