Essays on Atlanta Falcons or Branding and Marketing Challenges Assignment

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The paper "Atlanta Falcons or Branding and Marketing Challenges" Is a great example of a Marketing Assignment. Some of the major reasons why the company was below other NFL club brands are because some other clubs like the Dallas cowboys had commenced on a tremendous job in branding themselves as America’ s team. Other teams like the Green Bay Parkers had already established itself as a community based organization. One disadvantage that hit the Falcons is the reason that NFL had fewer games than any other sport. This translated into fewer branding opportunities.

The sequence of losing results in the history of the Falcons also gave the fans a bad perception and people were not attracted to a team with a chain of losses. Another bad tragedy that hit the team is being in a blackout in most of its playing times. This is because it did not meet the regulation of selling it tickets 72 hrs before the game commenced. Falcon had 2 out of their previous games being watched on TV in Atlanta. As a result, fans did not attend games in persons and had an inconsistent connection with the team. The strength of the new Falcons management The Atlanta falcons marketing and branding started by overhauling their ticket pricing structure.

They also updated their official website and introduced an e-commerce solution to broadcast the changes. Updating of the website also was a measure to securely processing season tickets sales. Atlanta Falcon's introduction of cyber works was to provide a solution for the institution. In today’ s marketing and branding new categories in products and services are rapidly emerging and diminishing. Some of the key challenges that were faced by Atlanta Falcons management were to establish a platform to work from.   Strengths of the new Falcons Management The online season tickets resolution was designed and integrated into the Atlanta Falcons’ website.

The project requires computer programming skills and be in an interface that is user friendly so that customers could easily understand and communicate when purchasing season tickets. Information fed to the system by customers buying the tickets would be collected on the order form; the system also required real-time and secure credit card processing. The information from the order form would then be directed to the database.

At the database information could be extracted for marketing purposes and to provide sales reports. A detailed graphic illustration of the stadium section numbers and stadium seating was made so that customers buying tickets could choose the specific section they desired. The seats in the illustration were color-coded to depict ticket prices for each section. The ticket prices were to be adjusted frequently with the section sell out. Atlanta Falcon has increased its season tickets and builds great success from advancing in its IT programs.

Online sales of tickets and choice of seating positions and the pricing structure, Atlanta Falcon made a record signing of half-million-dollar if June 2002 from sales of season tickets alone.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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