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MEMO Management and Employees SUR March 19, Analyzing corporate strategies in our company Since the formation of our organisation in 1876 by the father of telecommunication Alexander graham bell, we have been in the forefront in implementing developments. The level of competition in the industry has risen due to entry of new telecommunication companies into the industry. The organization therefore requires to implement new strategies that will enable it stand out against the competition forces. The current generation is obsessed with smart phones due to its ability to run many applications and multitask. telecommunication companies have invested much in this sector to increase sale.

I would recommend that the organisation Improves on the features offered in the smart phones. Internet connection been improved in form of speed, friendly terms of use and charges. I would recommend that the company make improvements in the speed of the internet provided by our organization to have the ability to fetch more customers from the highly competitive customer pool. Internet use was earlier on mostly used in the urban areas and hence the internet coverage was mainly in these areas.

However with the increased modernization and increased literacy levels, internet services are required in the rural areas and hence the need to expand our internet coverage. I would recommend that the company invest more on expanding our coverage. Development in smart phone technology. Our organization in conjunction with being the developers of the iPhone, need to improve on its compatibility with commonly used applications. Introduction of other smart phones like android that are more compatible to many applications have reduced our sales and customer loyalty.

Increasing its compatibility with different application will have an advantage of increased sales but will however be disadvantageous since it will lose its uniqueness. The iPhone also requires improvements in the internet speed it possess. During the time of release, it had an internet speed of 3g that currently if outdone by the availability of 5G+ networks. Incorporation of this kind of speed will help lure customers who are mostly enticed by high internet speeds. On the other hand, it will be expensive in terms of manufacture since the technology will require more capital input. The size of a smart phones display determines its ease of use and increases its appearance.

The new model of smart phone should produce should increase on the size of the screen. This will ensure that it is aesthetically improved to fit the demands of the customers. The thickness of the smart phone should be reduced to cater to its appearance and mobility. The new model of smart phone or the improvement of the iPhone should be available in many colors to suit different customers unlike the earlier model that was only in two colors.

A new contract needs to be tried out with apple and if those plans fail, the company should invest more capital in development of a smart phone of our own. Internet speed and coverage Our organisation has developed from scratch telecommunication and has been slow in improvement of internet speed due to their nature of maintaining the originality of the company. However, the customer needs should come first and the need for faster internet should be considered. Improvement in speeds of internet will lead to serving customers effectively although there are chances that lower megabytes will be spent leading to lower profits. The charges of internet provision by our company are higher comparing to those of our competitors such as Verizon.

The rates of internet charge should be revisited to ensure that they favor the customers as well as maintain a sensible profit to the company. The internet coverage should be increased to the interior regions of the country to serve the new markets of internet seekers. The organization should consider increasing its coverage across borders of the country to reach more customers. Many customers already lost hope in our service of internet and hence more advertisements need to be done and bonuses given to the customers to revive the company in the industry. The functionality of the internet service provided should increase and the cabled network services should be abandoned.

More investment should be done on wireless networks that suit the needs of the current generation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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