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The paper "Social Cultural Issues in Europe" is a perfect example of a social science case study.   Just like any other continent, Europe has its share of social and cultural issues rocking it both positively and negatively. One would argue that the vast development in terms of economy the continent has enjoyed than any other continent hardly correlates with the social and cultural effects it experiences. However, according to Theobald (2004), economic development has no control over social and cultural aspects of society; irrespective of how a society is developed economically or civilized, social and cultural issues will continue to be the defining factor of that particular society. Therefore, the socio-cultural issues in Europe are identified or addressed in various ways; through the media, politically, educational setups work environments and even in sporting events (Bell and Garrett, 1998) and (Kettemann and Wieden, 1993).

This paper will concentrate on the media depiction of the socio-cultural issues in Europe by focusing on a particularly European film. The film of focus is called The Legacy. It is a Georgian film with both French and Georgian Directors. The Legacy This drama is about a long and unresolved feud involving two families which comes to a shocking and bizarre ending.

In the film, one character by the script name of Celine who is at mid-twenties originates from Paris and gets to learn of her inheritance of a castle that was growing old in Tbilisi- a village in Georgia. As a result of curiosity regarding her newly acquired property, the young woman gets her two friends together and plans a journey to Georgia to see the estate; the friends are Patricia and Jean (Young, 2006). However, the journey to Georgia does not seem easier either and this is the epic of the drama.

Owing to the difficult circumstances, the three ladies are forced to do most of the journey by bus. In the bus they come across an old man accompanied by his grandson and the ladies’ attentions are drawn towards the empty coffin the old man is carrying. The three lady friends learn that the coffin won’ t be empty for long. This is because the old man decided that he should be executed by the rival clan; this is according to the old man will act as a respite between two families who have been in dispute for centuries (Young, 2006). At once dismayed and mesmerized, Jean wishes to card along and confine the gloomy episode on film.

This is not possible as the trip turns out to be more perilous than anticipated, and there is an astonishing turn of events when the old man dies of natural reasons prior to being hanged (Young, 2006). However, the film leaves room for suspense but the cast is enough to put the message across. Social Cultural Issues in Europe as depicted by the film There are a number of Europe’ s socio-cultural issues that are evident in this film.

These issues are analogous to the cultural setups of the other continents. Based on this film, the following are the socio-cultural aspects the film is depicting; inheritance, individual sacrifice, conflicts and resolution, social cohesion or togetherness.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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