Essays on Attracting and Retaining Customers Essay

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The paper "Attracting and Retaining Customers" is a great example of an essay on marketing. One of retailing and service managers’ primary objectives is attracting and retaining customers. Consumer– self congruity takes on an important role since it links customer loyalty and the service setting’ s features. More particularly, consumers preferably go for a shopping setting that matches their self-concept. Servicescape personality denotes the mental representation of a customer of a retail or service setting on dimensions classically used to draw the personality of an individual. Personality has stronger links to interior features; while an image is more rooted in atmospheric and exterior features.

A more comprehensive understanding of the way customers deduce personality from interior and exterior design should assist managers to better comprehend their outlets’ patronage, and also help them in the formulation of marketing programs (Orth, Heinrich, & Malkewitz 2012, p. 194). This essay will give suggestions on how to improve the servicescape of SAIBT based on its environmental audit. Design Features and Suggestions for Improving the Environment Poor Design Features and Improvement Suggestions The SAIBT servicescape’ s environmental audit is demonstrated by four images that capture different design features of different areas within SAIBT.

Image 0598 is an example of a poor design feature. Despite there being a waiting area with a comfortable seat, as well as notice boards for posting notices and other notifications, there are a number of things that portray a poor image of the area. In the first place, the notice that is stuck at the door is an indication of poor design and planning. There are two different notice boards on either side of the corridor, and thus, the notice at the door should have been placed in either of these notice boards.

Moreover, the notice boards seem to be overcrowded with notices and memos, which make it difficult for a person to locate a given notice. In response to Image 0598, I would like to make some suggestions for improving the design features of the environment. First, the notice at the entrance door should be removed and stuck on the notice board. This is an academic environment and different patrons to the place such as lecturers, students, education officers, and parents, among others expect the place to be organized.

Placing a notification on the door when there are notice boards may give the impression of being disorganized, which may tarnish the image of the institution especially to parents seeking admission of their children into the institution. Moreover, notices should be stuck on the notice board in a systematic way. Under most cases, important and urgent notices in academic institutions relating to the introduction of new courses, students’ meetings, class rescheduling, assignments, exam dates, and deadlines for submitting assignments are stuck on these boards.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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