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The paper "Audi Small Car in Australia - Opportunities and Threats" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Marketing in every business is the key to the success of the business product. It is through marketing that the products can be made known in the market. It is also through marketing that the performance of the product can be assessed and reviewed so as to find out the best way forward for the product. While carrying out the review, the appropriateness of the product has to be analyzed for a particular target segment.

The review is used to investigate how the product can be made to perform better by reviewing some of the market-related issues that shall be identified. This paper shall assess the appropriateness of the Audi Small Car in Australia. The focus of the report will be on the small car category or the super-mini segment which has become a wide market segment in recent times. Background The Audi brand organization operates in the automotive industry, mainly manufacturing cars. The company carries out the design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of automobiles and motorcycles.

It supplies automobiles that are technologically advanced and innovative. In addition to that, the company’ s aim is to generate the delight of customers in a number of other ways. One of the ways is to produce a small car category. The Audi Small car category was invented in the year 1996 owing to the desire of Australians to move away from large cars and have small ones. The types of cars that are manufactured include motorsport cars and other sports utility vehicles. Among the iconic German carmakers, the Audi was the first company to scale down the size of their cars to small cars that are relatively affordable and comfortable.

Audi has a variety of models that form the range of small cars. The models are grouped in alphanumeric models like from A1 to A8, Q series, R series among other models. The super-mini small car category of vehicles is fast growing and has become a wide market category. This category has also been identified as the speciality goods category and it commands high loyalty from its customers.

The customers are willing to pay premium prices for the brand that they prefer. It is for this reason that the Audi Small car category was developed so as to suit the needs of Australians who preferred small cars to the larger ones. While their preference was on small cars, they did not compromise their desire for comfort. The Audi small car category of vehicles has fierce competition from other automobile manufacturers like the Mercedes, BMW and Opel. Audi has been the leading manufacturer of small and luxurious cars.

However, as noted in an online article by ET (2013), the competition for small and luxurious cars is getting stiffer with the other automobile players working to manufacture small cars. For instance, the Mercedes is working on the A class of vehicles while Volvo has been working on the V40 model that will work to counter the Audi small cars like the A3. This competition has become stiffer because the current market in Australia has set its preference to the luxury hatchback.


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