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The paper "Antony Jacobson Australian Entrepreneur" is an outstanding example of a business case study.   Antony Jacobson is one of the most acclaimed entrepreneurs in Australia with interests in the media and food industry. Credited for popularizing Tibetan Goji beries, Antony has made a mark in the business world with his recent success being in the media. Mr. Antony’ s BreakingNews. com. au is making forays in the digital space, having acquired a trove of domain names belonging to every individual country in the world (Lince 1). Antony Jacobson has built two of the most notable brands in the Australian business sector.

Antony is full of ambition, with his eyes now focused on raising a large amount of money to realize his vision of a multinational media empire with operations in many countries around the world, starting with operations in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, China. This report discusses Antony Jacobson, his background, the characteristics of the entrepreneur, how he recognizes and develops his business ideas, and the kind of business he has developed. Finally, the paper offers some suggestions for future ventures in different business avenues to the entrepreneur. Background of Antony Jacobson Antony Jacobson is a Professor of Practice at La Trobe University Business School.

Antony is a highly accomplished business and brand strategist, industry commentator and entrepreneur. The 52-year old professor has interests in entrepreneurship with extensive global experience and has created and developed global media brands, consumer organisations and corporate brands (Parry 1). Again, his acumen has seen him transform small start-ups into multimillion success stories. Professor Antony is credited for his business innovation and strategies that enabled him to transform the lives of millions of Tibetan Goji berries farmers two decades ago when he created the Tibet Authentic (La Trobe University 1).

The success of Tibet Authentic has been phenomenal, with the organization popularising and shipping thousands of tonnes of Tibetan Goji berries for consumption in the Western countries like the UK, the US, and other parts of the developed world. Professor Antony is considered one of the most influential business strategy commentators and his successes have featured in the international media with media houses like The Daily Mail in the UK, Gala Magazine in Germany, South China Morning Post-Hong Kong, and Australian Financial Review profiling his business ideas and development (La Trobe University 1). Characteristics of Antony Jacobson One feature that can describe Antony is that he is never short of ambition and resilience.

Again, Antony is a focused business innovator who uses his business knowledge and skills to predict future business dynamics. For instance, his ambition has seen him develop, BreakingNews. com. au. Antony saw the future potential of online media and communication a decade ago when he founded the organisation (Lince 1). Today, his focus is on how to expand its presence in major international markets, particularly capturing big and breaking stories in each region.

According to Antony, newspapers are dying and cannot offer concepts like breaking news, and his aim in developing the online media outlet is to create a digital news force that can compete with internationally recognised media organisations like the BBC, News Corp, and Fairfax among others. In innovating BreakingNews. com. au, Antony was categorical that his ambition is to be more than a news aggregator, but set up dedicated newsrooms in all the countries that they will have operations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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