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The paper "Australian Holden Motor Limited Diversification Strategy" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. This paper seeks to provide information about the Australian Holden Motor Limited diversification strategy. The diversification strategy is in terms of brands it produces, the quality and other aspects of diversification. The paper is divided into the section to provide relevant information under every heading and subheading. The information about Holden is collected from other research conducted on the company as well as information from secondary sources such as the internet.

The paper will, therefore, be presented in the form of a report to reflect will on the issue of diversification. Finally, this paper is aimed at marketing Holden Ltd Australia to China and comes as a proposal. 2.0 Background General Motor Holden Limited is a secondary branch of Australian General Motor located in Victoria-Melbourne (General Motors-Holden’ s Limited, 1953). It was founded by James Alexander Holden back in 1885 and in 1908 it started dealing in automotive. The dream of building a car that was exclusively Australian was conceived towards the end of the 1930s but it was put on waiting after the emergence of the Second World War (AG, 2011).

During the war period, the company produced over 30,000 bodies for not only Australian but also United States forces. It was also involved in building other equipment like guns, boats, aircraft, trucks, airplanes as well as marine engines and parts. Currently, Holden has produced a wide variety of local vehicles with the help of imported General Motor models. Holden has contributed to building other models like Nissan, Vauxhall, Toyota, Suzuki, and Chevrolet.

In addition, most if not all of the Australian built vehicles are assembled at South Australia-Elizabeth; with engines made at Fishermans in Melbourne. Despite Holden’ s contribution to export has varied since 1950, the strategy of minimizing sales large cars in Australia has made the company look for greener pastures in the international market with the aim of increasing profitability (General Motors-Holden’ s Limited, 1953). Holden Barina is one of the automotive models manufactured by Holden Limited and it has been on the market since 1985. Furthermore, the company manufactures vehicles such as Epica, Sportsman, Ute, Cruze, Commodore, Combo, Colorado, Captiva, Caprice and Calais (HBR, 2010).

The “ state of the art” facilities give the company a competitive edge over other automobile manufacturing companies not only in Australia but also abroad. The company’ s values include “ being a workplace of choice, driving a culture of accountability to deliver outstanding business results. ” In addition, the company strives to make its products and vehicles relevant, sustainable as well as accessible to all people and at the same time provide outstanding customer service. The goal of the company is to be recognized as the frontrunner in services and operations, environmentally sustainable products (AG, 2011).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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