Essays on The Participation of Australia in the US Market Case Study

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The paper "The Participation of Australia in the US Market " is a great example of a marketing case study.   Peng (2008) says that in order for the hospitality industry to continue doing well then the business environment should be favourable. This will not only contribute to the growth of the organization but will also promote investment in this industry. The US should ensure political stability to sustain Australia’ s participation in its market. Political stability in a state will promote foreign participation in the market which will, in turn, boost the performance of the economy.

It is also important that the government ensures that they only adopt changes that are favourable for the business to operate. The participation of Australia in the Us market is highly dependent on the policies that the government adopts in relation to foreign investors in the industry. The industry is dependent on the government to promote a strong political business environment for it to perform well. The industry needs to reduce its cost of operation by making maximum use of technology to reduce the labour applied.

An updated technological environment in Us will facilitate the effective use of resources. It will also ensure quality services that will be competitive in the Us Market. This will promote efficiency in the industry. The industry can consider integrating its processes to modern technology so that Australia gains a competitive advantage over the other participants in the US hospitality market. These will also ensure that the organization has systems that promote proper record keeping and thus analysing the performance of the industry will be effective. Through the technological advancements implemented the industry can consider renewal of its production and marketing techniques (Cantwell 2009). Through her entry in the US market, Australia should ensure that the service and products it offers cater to the needs of the individual families in the market.

Thus when analysing the market Australia should be keen on ensuring that it has consideration for the different consumers. Rose-Ackerman & Tobin (2005) asserts that when providing the hospitality services Australia should ensure that it can cater to the different religions, institutions and family structures. These can be effected through a variety of goods and services and ensuring that the staff have the right skills to deal with these range of customers.

The industry also needs to have a good understanding of the international culture that is in operation in the industry. This will help in increasing the profitability of the organization since it will be global sensitive in the provision of its goods and services. Dahlsrud (2008) asserts that the US government can put in place strategies to ensure that Australia the hospitality industry does not face economic challenges that will hinder its performance.

The government should ensure the stability of interest rates so that there is no inflation in the economy. The targeted market in the US majorly the consumers in the country, the government should, therefore, ensure equal distribution of income through the tax system so that the market too can be evenly distributed. Australia should also be keen to understand the trends in the US hospitality market so that they can have in place strategies to adopt well in each cycle in the economy. Australian investors should also understand the prevailing inflation rate so that the can well plan for the level of supply as well as predict the level of demand.

The government should also set taxes that promote Australian investors to participate in the US market.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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