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Task 1It is apparent that Occupational Health and Safety (OH& S), Portfolio Health and safety in the workplace are still a major problem to the workers, the community and even the economy. The noble cause of the OH& S in focusing primarily on the prevention diseases, injuries and fatalities more effort should be employed by organizations and safety managers in order to realize the target of fulfilling the basic needs of their employees as well as obtain maximum returns from an improved performance in the business. An active commitment towards the creation of an effective health and management system is the most prudent way to combat the new threats to our safety and health which are constantly emerging.

The should frank and genuine consultation among workers, their representatives, supervisors and managers in order to build a rapport and culture which seeks to uphold promote a healthy organization. Organizational practices can be tailored towards providing a proper environment by managing current and new forms of hazards. A myriad of problems and hazards that are detested emerge at the work place are inevitable if proper precautionary measures are not undertaken.

Working relationships with colleagues and supervisors is one among the factors that affect an employee psychologically. This factor is among various other factors such as: tight deadlines, lack of regulation of given work and high work loads that psychologically affect the workers and their performance at work and are referred to as psychosocial risks. Psychosocial factors lead to stress that may pronounce to depression if adequate control measures are not taken. Several muscle skeleton disorders can also arise due to psychosocial hazards. Increased muscle tension and changing moods and behaviors can result from stress if somebody works for a long time without rest in order to meet given deadlines.

Psychosocial and physical factors need to be identified and controlled together to be effective. There should be a balance between the working environments, the work as well as the needs and capacities of the workers. Bullying and Harassment at the work place are psychosocial hazards that affect the work of the employees. Bullying can be both physical and psychological since the perpetrators use physical or behavioral actions against the victim.

The health of the victim is negatively impacted since they may suffer mal-development, death, psychological harm or deprivation. Sexual harassment or discrimination based on gender, sex, race or religions are some of the most prevalent form of bullying in the work place. Stringent measures need to be put in place to guard against the mentioned forms of psychological hazards at the work place. No one should be forced to resign on the basis of the mentioned or any other divergent characteristics. Threats, verbal/written and emotional abuse or stress due to inappropriate management are psychosocial hazards as well.

These may cause harm on the victim and need adequate compensation from the perpetrator or the management. Malicious damage to property of the customers, staff or the business with the intent of causing harm should be discouraged. Continual allocation of low grades or withholding of important information required to complete a given job is also a psychosocial hazards (Clarkes & Cooper 2004).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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