Essays on Australia's Economic Growth Relies on Asia's Continuing Demand for Resources Case Study

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The paper “ Australia’ s Economic Growth Relies on Asia’ s Continuing Demand for Resources” is an impressive example of the case study on macro & microeconomics. This paper seeks to look at the various ways in which the demand for energy and other resources by Asian countries affects the economy of Australia. It also looks at various ways in which the economy responds to these changes in demand in resources. This is because the economy of Australia depends on the demand for various resources in the Asian continent because it relies on it for most resources (Macmillan 2005.

p . 134-p200). Writers on the economy of AustraliaThere are various writers who have published articles and books on the economy of Australia and the factors surrounding it. Such writers include Anthony Fensom, famous for his article on the economy of Australia and its expectations in the future. He has another article on Australia’ s surplus fantasy. All his articles seek to explain the role that Australia plays on exporting resources to Asian countries and how it plans on dominating them so that it increases its exports. James Parker is another writer of an article on China and Australia’ s coming economic divorce.

However, James explores the relationship between China and Australia in business. He also explores the possibilities of a divorce between these two countries. The third writer on the same topic is Ian McLean who is famous for his book on how Australia plans on shifting resources to grow the economy. He explores the reasons behind the decision by Australia to shift sources of economic growth. All the above writers have published either books or articles on the economy of Australia (McLean 2012). Ways that Australia’ s economy can respond to either growth or contraction in Asian demandIn regards to Mankoff, (2009): p.34-p. 49.Australia’ s economy depends on the demand for these resources like energy, which is an essential resource in most industries in Asia.

Countries in the Asian continent that demand these resources most include China, Indonesia, and India.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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