Essays on Aviation and Airport Management - Air France-KML and Air Berlin Case Study

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The paper "Aviation and Airport Management - Air France-KML and Air Berlin" is a perfect example of a management case study. In the airline business, there are so many factors that determine the quality of services that are provided by any given airline. Regardless of the cost of operations incurred, the management of the operations in the airline determines the extent to which the quality of services will be. When an airline has good management practices, then it is probable that its service is going to meet the requirements of consumers.

Airline business remains competitive as customers are presented with wide options in which they can travel to various destination. To ensure that the airlines excel in whatever they carry out it is best that the management of the airlines is competent enough to ensure success. Management is key, and several factors regarding the management should be at the top. In this paper, we are going to look into two airlines in Europe one of them being a full-service airline and another being low-cost airline. The airlines are Air France-KML and Air Berlin. Air France-KML is a full-service airline that has its operations all over the world.

It is networks are found within Europe and all over the world. It provides services ranging from cargo management and passenger management services. The airline is headquartered in France, but it also has some roots in the Dutch. On the other hand, Air Berlin is one of the largest airlines in Europe it has major world destinations where it gives all kind of services in air transport. The airline has a low cost of its services where consumers get services in a cheap manner.

This was possible by using methods that will not require high costs. The airline is headquartered in Berlin German. The difference in the two airlines is that one employs methods aiming at cost-cutting, while the other carries out services in a complete form. It is possible that there are costs that you will see in Air France that you will not see in Air Berlin due to the difference in innovations done by each company. Cost comparison in the two airlines Having embarked on cost-cutting actions, Air Berlin has been able to eliminate a lot of costs that were unnecessary for operations.

This has made it improve in the manner in which it operates leading to better performance. On the hand, Air France operates in full form and putting everything in place that will ensure that it operates without eliminating some of the operations. The costs of subsidiaries in different countries are some of the costs that can appear in the books of Air France but will not appear in the books of Air Berlin.

Another cost is one of using tour guides in passenger handling. In Air Berlin, they eliminated this cost by having their ways of handling passengers whereas in Air France the case is different, as it has employed tour guides to handle the passengers. It is apparent that Air Berlin has been able to put mechanisms in place meant to reduce the cost of its operations as compared to Air France (Clark, 2014, pg. 4).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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