Essays on Aviation Management - Aerodromes Operations and the Licensing Requirements Coursework

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The paper "Aviation Management - Aerodromes Operations and the Licensing Requirements" is an inspiring example of coursework on management. The safety  of the staff, customers, and properties has become a concern for every organization. They have been increased concern on the need to train and adopt strategic measures towards fire prevention and of safety through fire risks reduction. The aviation industry has also improved its safety measures to the staff as well as its properties. Fire and rescue services have put in place strategic ways of ensuring it reduces fire risks that may occur or take place.

This is through following the set strategies and rules by CAA and other regulatory bodies in the Aviation industry. Therefore, the collaboration between the local fire and rescue services authority and Aviation fire and rescue services will enhance fire safety within the local airport and the community as well as illustrated by National Fire Protection Association (2002). The report will analyze how the sharing of the information between fire and rescue services as well as a combination of the services will increase the knowledge and skills in the local airport.

It will identify various regulatory measures that have been in place by the aviation rescue and fire services as an effort to reduce the fire risks. The report will also identify the way international standards and recommendations relate to aviation fire and rescue services towards the fire and safety. Such include CAA and AAIB. The report will also analyze the effectiveness of training and developing personnel within the aviation sector. It will also evaluate how the sharing of training facilities and knowledge will benefit the staff.

The training will ensure that there is cross-sharing of the knowledge among the fire crews in both aviation and fire services authority. The report will also analyze the system appropriateness used to assess the Aviation Fire & Rescue Service personnel performance. The report will also assess the storage, use, and transport arrangements for the fuel within the airport cartilage. It will analyze the need to manage properly the fuel as well as preventing contamination of fuel.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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