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Raising The Next Generation Of Aviation Professionals Summary Affiliation: The Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) is an international body that reviews the curriculum as well as aviation professionals’ performance. It is meant to establish the content that should be used by aviation studies institutes in order to provide very highly trained aviation professionals. The aim of this article on AABI is to promote the next generation of aviation professionals on an international level. The website is very beneficial to aviation professionals because it helps equip them with the necessary ethics and responsibility that their career requires them to have.

This is enhanced through a revised curriculum ranging from college mathematics, applied sciences, flight control, environment aspects, electronics and management principles. A combination of the named subjects is very important to aviation professionals because a proper understanding promotes outstanding ethics and key responsibilities to them. Thus, without doubt, the website has what it takes to provide knowledge and fulfill its objective on the next generation of aviation professionals. It has also stipulated the fact that for the next generation of professionals, they have to confer the requisite skills, knowledge and judgment so as to enhance graduates professional performance in the aviation industry.

For one to depict proper ethics and responsibility, it is very vital to fully understand what the aviation system and industry require from a graduate. Therefore, the website has clearly identified the major principles of providing very qualified professionals. Above all, ethics and responsibility are promoted by integrity and credibility which are among the AABI goals. In conclusion, the website is focused on providing the next generation of aviation professionals who are determined to excel in their career path.

It is also focused on providing graduates with the knowledge and training required to be responsible in the aviation systems as well as ethics required to prosper in the said profession. Therefore, I would recommend this website and I would probably relate it not only to the curriculum provided, but to the ethics and responsibilities of aviation professionals. Reference AABI. (2014). [online] Retrieved from: http: //legacy. icao. int/NGAP/Presentations/Raising%20the%20Standards%20for%20the%20Next%20Generation%20of%20Aviation%20Professionals. pdf [Accessed: 30 Mar 2014].

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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