Essays on Community Engagement - City of Brimbank Case Study

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The paper "Community Engagement - City of Brimbank" is a perfect example of a business case study. It is evident that affordable housing in the City of Brimbank has yielded an increase in the immigrant population. The City has also witnessed an increase in population from 137,000 in 1991 to approximately 182,000 in 2011 (BMC 2016). Community libraries have played a pivotal role in cultivating the notion of community engagement among residents of any area (Shrestha 2013). This yields the need for a hybrid library in the areas to serve the information and development requirements of the City of Brimbank.

Being part of the Australian nation, the City also strives to attain economic growth and social stability. As a result, guaranteeing access to reference materials for all age groups of the population will have an immense contribution towards attaining the goals. With regard to the education sector, it is apparent that the long-term priority of the local government is to provide high-quality education for all. The government has also devoted its efforts towards mobilizing resources that are necessary for attaining the objective. The modernized community library suffices to be one of the proper resources that can enable the attainment of the objective (Zurinski et al.

2013). The community-centered library will recline on three main pillars: place, programme and partnerships as the basis of its operations (Killmier 2010). On the place pillar, the library will ensure that individuals living in the area still consider the library as a destination of choice. The effect will be the creation of a good public space that enhances the wellbeing, happiness and health of the individuals. On the aspect of programmes, the library will provide a myriad of programmes to the Brimbank community.

The programs will be relevant to individuals of all life stages and ages. Under partnerships, the library will create partnerships with other organisations in the community. The partnerships will be essential in delivering its programmes to the community. Details of the Required Resources The facilities and services offered by the library will determine the required resources.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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