Essays on Business-to-Business Communications for Ecotricity Case Study

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The paper "Business-to-Business Communications for Ecotricity" is a wonderful example of a case study on marketing. The company chosen for analysis is known as Ecotricity. This is a renewable energy product and service provider that offers wind energy to consumers all over the United Kingdom. The company is well known for its ability to meet consumer needs through its flexible tariffs, competitive prices, and friendly services. Given the magnitude of business within such a company, it is essential to study the exact role of marketing communications and to determine whether the company is actually utilizing the benefits that a good communications plan can offer them. Task 1: Company analysis Segmentation analysis The company under consideration has divided its client base based on their product preferences (it should be noted that ‘ product’ in this case encompasses both services and products offered by Ecotricity).

In other words, they use differentiated marketing in which dissimilar market segments have been identified and different services offered to each. However, certain segments take up more attention than others. For instance, the company has segmented according to price with some consumers getting more energy for a higher price and vice versa.

(ERPS, 2008) There is segmentation by size in that some consumers may purchase renewable energy for their homes while others do it for their businesses. Also, there is segmentation by purchasing behavior; here those consumers that opt for annual supply will be offered a different package compared to those who prefer switching from one energy supplier to another. As can be seen from the latter examples, there are numerous ways in which this company can further improve its segmentation strategy so as to boost the achievement of its objectives.

There are still other segments in the renewable energy market that are yet to be exploited by Ecotricity. For instance, it needs to look at other segments in the conventional electricity sector such as segmentation by media platforms. Positioning Ecotricity usually pursues a marketing strategy that is more functional than symbolic or experiential. In other words, the company has positioned itself as a problem solver or a company that offers numerous benefits to its clientele. It has done very little to look at symbolic positioning in which it could promote its elf image.

Alternatively, issues such as ego identification or affective fulfillment have not yet been fully exploited by this company. In other words, it needs to re-examine ways in which it could position itself as a company that solicits great customer loyalty through its self-image. All these issues have their implications on the company’ s communication strategy if it chooses to implement them. Aside from the latter positioning strategy, this company has also not pursued an experiential positioning strategy. This is largely because they offer energy services rather than products.

It would therefore be difficult to cause cognitive or sensory stimulation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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