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The paper "Once One and Only Sony Seeks to Regain That Status" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. Sony Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers or producers of electronic products for both the consumer and professional markets. Sony Corporation is a multinational firm majorly known as ‘ Sony’ . Sony is a Parent Company to the Sony Group. Sony Group has several functional units/ segments namely; Sony Corporation, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Financial Holdings, Sony / ATV Music Publishing, and Sony Music Entertainment. (Sony, 2012) The functional units each have different lines of specialization.

Sony Corporation has the professionalism in holdings and electronics while Sony Financial Holdings deal in Banking and Insurance services. In addition, Sony Computer Entertainments, Sony Picture (Fujimura et al, 2011) Entertainments, Sony Music Entertainments and Sony/ ATV Music Publishing deal in games, motion pictures, music and music publishing respectively. Generally, Sony has capabilities in manufacturing audio devices, computers, photographic devices, mobile phones (Sony Ericson), Computer game devices like the Playing Station and other household devices. The company has establishments worldwide.

Its major markets include Japan, the United States, Europe, and other areas. Current Product or Product Line Sony is widely known for its prowess when it comes to technological innovations. Some of the technological innovated products from Sony’ s pack of products have prudent, unique, outstanding and characteristic features to Sony. This gives a clear difference between Sony’ s products and other companies (Adam et al, 2012) the field of technology. Amongst the rich heritage of technological expertise and outstanding products of Sony over the years, very unique samples include the Trinitron Colour television, the Walkman, the Magnetic recording tape, the Compact Disc (CD) and the Blu-Ray disc.

The latest technology that Sony has innovated and is working to improve further is a Crystal LED television. Most of these innovations have been received well in the customer market. Most companies have adopted the crystal LED television technology and are copying it in order to compete effectively with Sony in the market. Current Market/s, Customer Behaviour Issues, Trends and Sales Information Sony has a large market due to its large range of products. The society is tilted towards embracing new technologies and Sony’ s products being amongst the best in the market are way much-given preference than others (Sony, 2012)products from other companies.

As advanced technologies encroach into the markets, Sony’ s products such as the SLT & DSLR camera are having lucrative markets. Current markets to this particular product would include the media houses that have to give quality prints and videos, tourists who have a tendency of taking photos of unique sceneries, geologists who study rock structures, scientific researchers that study nature, investigative federations that need photographs as evidences in arguing out their cases, event planners that make comparisons between events and fashion designers that many a time make use of photographs.

The society is adopting an upward trend of appreciating nature and products such as this particular camera would really serve this purpose. Distribution and Supply Sony is a multinational and globally established company and makes use of its branches based in different countries to reach the final consumers of its products. Most of Sony’ s products are produced from Japan including the SLT & DSLR camera. Other producing countries include; China, Asia the United States and Europe.

After the production of these digital cameras, they are dispatched to other regions. Most of what is produced in America and Europe are meant for the local market. (Adam et al, 2012) Some of these products from other countries are still sent to Japan for use where about sixty percent are produced. They are well dispatched to other countries. After they reach their destination, local distributors receive and as well give to the retailers that do individual distributions in their respective countries.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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