Essays on Delicious Bakery in the Scott County of Minnesota Business Operations Case Study

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The paper "Delicious Bakery in the Scott County of Minnesota Business Operations" is a great example of a business case study. The company will devote itself in monthly cleaning of the environment and educate the community on the importance of proper dumping to avoid sewage blockages and prevent diseases. This would also include building public toilets within the community for the residents to utilize. In light of recruiting employees, Delicious will also offer internship programs for students in the community who would be winding up on their college education in the hotel industry, and offer them job opportunities as the bakery requires.

Free tuition for willing students who would be interested in learning some basic tips for their own home baking practice. Lastly, on a monthly basis, the bakery will offer free cakes and other meals to help the needy in orphanages and community homes for the homeless (Reynolds, 2008). Conflict among Members There is a possibility of disagreements between the partners as the business progresses since each of them has opinions that may differ in different circumstances. One could be a difference in opinion about the acquisition of property for the company, where on the side would support the purchase of equipment while the other side argues it is a waste of resources and that the deal would not help the business.

Another dispute may be about adding more partners, which would have an effect on the profits, an issue that some members would not agree to. On top of that, issues to do with duties and responsibilities allocated to each partner may arise, where a member may feel that he or she has been given a more demanding section in the business to handle, alleging that some members do lighter duties. Other stakeholders such as suppliers may default the initial agreements, for instance, timely delivery of raw materials, which would interfere with the running of the business and result in conflicts.

The bank or any other financial institution from which the business borrowed loans to start the business may increase their interest rates at a later date, thus affecting the relationship with the business. Methods of Handling Disputes Negotiation The underlying spirit of a partnership is communication, and the ability to communicate efficiently results in the success of the business.

This would be put to test during conflicts, where the partners in dispute would be subjected to talks in trying to persuade them to resolve the issues before taking other major steps. As long as the disputing parties are willing to table their issues, the disagreements will be handled at the business level. This may involve reviewing the contents of the partnership agreement for better understanding and reminding each disputing member of the legality of the signed agreement (U. S Legal Forms, 2016).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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