Essays on Balanced Scored Card and Communication Plan Assignment

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BALANCED SCORECARD AND COMMUNICATION PLAN Balanced Scorecard Department/ Perspective Strategic Objectives Measure Metric Target (Year 1, 2 &3) Shareholder Value or Financial Perspective Market Share Profitability Competitive Position Improve Customer services to gain better profit margin and competitive margin for the company Margin and ROIC 6% 5% 4% Customer Value Perspective Customer Retention Customer Satisfaction Customer Value Ensure consistency in the quality of services given to customers Revenue and Customer 5% 5% 5% Process or Internal Operations Perspective Measure of Process Performance Productivity or Productivity Improvement Impact of Change on the Organization Reduce the time to bring new products Ensure that the company has control of the supply for its products Ensure that the current sales process is effective Product development cycle time Process developed and in place 6% 6% 3% Learning and Growth Perspective Employee Satisfaction Employee Retention Technological Innovation Retain employees with the highest performance Ensure that the culture supports the set objective Retention rate of top talent Innovation rate for all the employees 5% 5% 5% Shareholder Value or Financial Perspective a) Market Share Dell, as one of the leading computer technology companies, should also lead the smartphone market, competing with companies like Apple and Samsung that as of the 2013/2014 business years are dominating with a market share of around 10-15%. Dell aims at stepping up its game by reaching the set limits, obtaining stability and going beyond the set boundaries through integration of new technology and customer prospects.

For a long time now, very few smartphone companies have been able to attain a positive market share but it assured that by improving the customer services Dell aims at having an upper hand. b) Profitability Most companies believe that in order to have much profit a company needs to get hold of a significant market share and compete with the leading smartphone companies that have dominated the market for a while.

Nonetheless, through incorporation and integration of computer and smartphone technology, Dell aims at getting much profit by making the prices worthwhile and relative the quality of their products c) Competitive Position In 2014, more than fifteen companies have the capability of leading the smartphone industry but very few exploit their resources and knowledge. With this in mind, Dell aims at gaining a competitive advantage by initiating excellent strategies concerning market leadership and sustainability, planning cycle relevant to change and utilization of traditional forecasting to get a better understanding of smartphone technology and the consumers. Customer Value Perspective a) Customer Retention Most of the customers uphold their trust to a company that is also true to its word and products.

Dell aims at creating brand software that will apply in its products including the computer. This forms the foundation for technology interventions aimed at showing gratitude and care to the company’s customers. Moreover, it is a platform for utter control by making sure that its products are up to standards and will be easy to manage or troubleshoot even after sale and during distribution.

Resolutely, utilizing this opportunity gives the company a better chance at retaining its customers because very few companies consider this; moreover, this strategy counters the company’s weaknesses concerning commodity products and processes. b) Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is one of the challenging factors of business in the 21st Century especially when it comes to technology products that require to be up to per with any or every development. However, Dell’s first steps of attaining this are ensuring dependability of thought, tenacity and accomplishment from now henceforth. Most of the management personnel in any business division despise the idea of evaluating consistency but through the new smartphone, Dell will not take any chances especially in reviewing the trends and customer assumptions.

Secondly, Dell’s retail outlets are set to multiply to more than fifty states around the globe for the sake of establishing customer choice on a wider scope. c) Customer Value Significantly, advanced smartphones that have excellent qualities come at great price hence not everyone can afford them. For customer value purposes, Dell will focus their efforts on giving it customers the best product at a reasonable price.

This does not offer the company much benefit but at least it shows that the company appreciates the customers to an extent of considering their financial backgrounds. Additionally, the products will not just be of quality but top-quality to create a basis for future smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets hence increasing the customer value. Most consumers have trouble getting contact of the customer care or the necessary personnel when their devices fail; consequently, there are many complaints and criticisms about their services.

Dell aims at providing the best services from the start to avoid such situations since customers are the most valuable component of the company. Process and Internal Operations Perspective a) Measure of Process Performance Due to the growing demand of the smartphones and tablets today, every company needs an utter strategy that will evaluate its performance and give room for better ways to flourish in the market. Dell’s objective is putting out the best procedures that will entail clarification and translation of the vision and all strategies, and communication and linking strategic objectives and procedures.

Moreover, the measure of process performance instrument will also incorporate the planning, setting and alignment of all company’s initiatives and enhancement of strategic reaction and erudition in the organization culture. b) Productivity or Productivity Improvement In order to improve productivity in the company, Dell aims at ensuring that every employee understands the company’s goals to avoid laxity and meet the expectation before the deadline. Additionally, there will be an appraisal for all the employees to ensure that they meet the smartphone industry’s standards. Additionally, training and education will also be part of the strategy especially on the new trends in smartphone technology; largely, this will encourage them to be more responsible and become the best leaders.

Dell management aims at bringing outside consultants that will advise company’s employees on the best approaches to replacing obsolete technology with the new advancements in smartphones. c) Impact of Change on the Organization Change and adaptation are the core challenges in most of life divisions but for business, applying the necessary strategies works out well for a company’s success. Dell’s objective, relative to change is creating able and conversant teams that will see that the organization change is efficient and effective.

The leaders of the company’s department and other splits will use the provided procedures to use the dissimilarities as tools for novelty and inventiveness avoiding skirmishes and resentment. Learning and Growth Perspective a) Employee Satisfaction Employees form the basis for development in an organization hence how they are treated and perceived by the management matters. Essentially, Dell believes in giving its employees the freedom to control most of their actions as a facilitator of self-drive; this will apply in the smartphone development as the management plans to increase the freedom by helping every employee to customize their workstations with the necessary resources.

Additional training, benchmarks and acknowledgement of efforts will form the basis for risk taking and learning new skills. b) Employee Retention Most of the employees are not comfortable in their workplaces, which acts as a barrier to communication and development. In the future, Dell plans to take employees ideas more seriously giving feedback and criticism in the different areas of smartphone development and alteration to meet company needs.

This way, the company will be able to utilize all the skills and talents applying them as part of the company c) Technological Innovation Dell’s organization culture has not been the best, but with the new smartphone, the company aims at straightening this, especially the innovation culture, by aligning the infrastructure and the necessary resources. Moreover, all the aspects will express the high expectations about the capability of inventive comportments and the worker-administrator relationship as major priorities. Communication Plan Dell’s communication plan on the new objectives will entail distribution of printed pamphlets, monthly symposiums, aboveboard brochures, reports, discourses and online content; moreover, there will be a calendar developed to mark the different events and steps i. e.

when to hand the materials and hold the conferences for utter communication. This method will act as a preemptive procedure to make sure that everyone in the company is informed, and at the right time. This communication plan will serve best because it has a vast scope of modes of communication elaborating when and how to update and distribute them. Substantially, the communication plan clearly indicates the context of the different modes of communication and the recipients making it easy to implement.

Naturally, the brochures and pamphlets are applicable for everyone but some of the details require more elaboration hence the presentations and conferences are for the managers and departmental supervisors. The best channel for Dell should be more technology-related hence sending emails, text or voice messages will work best. However, to ensure that the information gets to everyone additional channels such as podcasts and presentations will also apply. Significantly, through the different channels the company will be able to save much time and accomplish a lot in a short span.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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