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The URL of the article: http: //edition. cnn. com/2011/WORLD/americas/04/07/brazil. school. shooting/index. htmlBrief summary The newspaper article titled “Hero officer kept Brazilian school massacre from being even worse” reflects ethical behavior, if self sacrifice where a military police officer responds to school shootings promptly, to prevent the criminal from killing more children at the Municipal School Tasso da Silveira. The principle of GBS Codex, relevant to the story is the Responsiveness Principle. In the story, the military officer responds promptly and risks his life, by rushing to the scene of crime, and takes on the assailant.

The story reflects unethical responsiveness. Date of the article: 5th April, 2011Name of the newspaper: The Rio Times Name of the author:  Patricia MareschThe URL of the article: http: //riotimesonline. com/brazil-news/front-page/dengue-remains-dangerous-in-rio/Brief Description The article titled “Dengue Remains Dangerous in Rio” uses statistical data to show that whereas the number of reported cases of dengue fever in the State of Rio de Janeiro, is expected to go down, it is actually going up. Form an ethical perspective according to the Reliability Principle, the paper reflects the unethical undertaking. The residents of the areas experiencing dengue fever, have not seen any dengue prevention teams, yet the authorities are aware of the outbreak.

This suggests lack of complicity and responsiveness on the part of the ministry of health officials. 10th to 16thDate of the article: 15th April, 2011Name of the newspaper: Agenzia Brasil Name of the author:  Luana LorenzoThe URL of the article: http: //agenciabrasil. ebc. com. br/noticia/2011-04-15/para-viana-acre-esta-preparado-para-avancar-nas-politicas-sociais-e-no-desenvolvimento-industrial-e-eBrief Description The article titled For Viana, Acre is prepared to move into social, industrial and economic development is news presentation of the governor of Acre, Tiao Viana. The paper highlights ethical concerns which are aimed in improving the infrastructure and the social standards of the residents of the state.

Form an ethical perspective the news item presents the Citizenship Principle. The residents have to contribute towards the realization of the state’s objectives. The governor argues that the implementation of new technological alternatives for the integration of communications, development of infrastructure and advancement of the living standards in the state, depends on the attitude of the state. Accordingly, it is ethically correct for people to advance their citizenship through sacrificing for the sake of the country.

http: //agenciabrasil. ebc. com. br/new-in-english/2011-03-14/news-english-%E2%80%93-inflation-control-becomes-more-difficult-brazilhttp: //agenciabrasil. ebc. com. br/noticia/2011-03-11/news-english-%E2%80%93-strauss-kahn-says-more-domestic-savings-can-reduce-interest-rateshttp: //agenciabrasil. ebc. com. br/noticia/2011-03-11/news-english-%E2%80%93-brazilian-journalist-freed-libya-and-will-be-deportedhttp: //www. thebraziltimes. com/story/1717515.htmlhttp: //www. thebraziltimes. com/story/1718530.html17th to 23rdhttp: //www. gringoes. com/articles. asp? ID_Noticia=2485http: //riotimesonline. com/brazil-news/rio-politics/rio-school-shooter-bullied/http: //riotimesonline. com/brazil-news/front-page/president-rousseff-visits-china/http: //www. telegram. com/article/20110423/API/304239882http: //www. telegram. com/article/20110421/API/304219966http: //www. telegram. com/article/20110418/APN/304189842http: //agenciabrasil. ebc. com. br/new-in-english/2011-03-22/news-english-%E2%80%93-us-eximbank-make-loans-1-billion-brazil-world-cup-and-olympic-games24th to 28thhttp: //www. telegram. com/article/20110425/API/304259811http: //www. telegram. com/article/20110426/API/304269686

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