Essays on Marketing Analysis of Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Analysis of Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts " is a great example of a marketing case study.   Mr. Ho Kwon Ping led Banyan Tree in positioning itself towards providing private and intimate accommodations. Tree Hotels and Resorts has become a leading player in the spa and luxury resort market in Asia. Banyan Tree has launched new brands, brand extensions including retail outlets, spas, retail, and museum shops. The company has succeeded due to factors including its unique services and extensive marketing strategies. High levels of standards have also led to the company being in a better position than its competitors are.

Services like aromatic massage and other romantic intimations are other services that have played a greater role in the brand positioning of the company. Increased brand awareness has also contributed greatly to its positioning. Brand management has enabled Banyan to highlight how special its services areas compared to its competitors. Banyan Tree Brand positioning has played a key role in ensuring its services are placed in a better position in its customer’ s minds. This has worked hand-in-hand with the communication strategy.

They are various recommendations that Banyan requires to put in place as well as various market actions towards bringing change in its operations. The success of Banyan Tree can be attributed due to its knowledge that it knew the value of customers. It also created the brand and even applied the understanding in shaping truly differentiated customer experience (Abraham, 2005, p. 68). Introduction Banyan tree Hotels and Resorts are the leading player in spa markets and luxury resorts in Asia. Banyan tree started its operations in 1994 in Phuket, Thailand.

It has grown into a leading developer and manager of niche and premium hotels, resorts, and spas in the Asia-Pacific region. Banyan Tree Holdings Pte Ltd (BTHL) owned, managed, and operated 35 spas, 38 retail shops, 15 hotels, and resorts. These are located in more than 40 locations in 20 countries (Steven, 2006, p. 65). Ho Kwon Ping who is a travel enthusiast and former journalist founded Banyan Tree. Banyan Tree operations began with only one resort in Phuket. The Company was so successful after the launch that, it built two other resorts at Vabbinfaru Island in the Maldives and Bintan Island in Indonesia.

Other regions include Bahrain, Thailand, Seychelles, and Bangkok. Banyan Tree was named after a fishing village on Lamma Island in Hong Kong referred to as Yung Shue Wan in the local dialect. He decided to name his resort Banyan Tree positioning it as a sanctuary for intimacy and romance. Banyan Trees resorts have individual villas with private pool, spa or Jacuzzi. The Banyan Tree has architecture, vegetation, landscape; furnishings and services offered reflect and enhance the destination’ s heritage and the culture.

Services provided at Banyan Tree are determined in terms of customer satisfaction but not relying on the typical service standards within the hospitality industry. Some of the services provided include a variety of aromatic oil massages and body and face beauty treatments (Banyan Tree, 2010). Banyan Tree Success Various factors have contributed to the success of Banyan Tree internationally. Variation of service delivery according to the local practices and culture and at the same time being consistent with intimacy and romance is a major factor that contributed to its success.

The high levels of standard offered played a key role in the success of Banyan Tree. The service standards were determined in terms of customer satisfaction other than usual service standards in the hospitality industry. The products and services offered at Banyan Tree were visualized with the intended customer experience in mind (Jean-Noel, 2008, p. 143). Such services included the intimate moment’ s package, particularly for couples. The couples are provided with a variety of aromatic massage oils in order to inspire their intimate moments.

Other services that played a key role in the success of Banyan Tree face and body beauty treatments using traditional Asian therapies in addition to a choice of outdoors or indoor treatment. The international marketing through international advertising agencies was also a key booster towards its success. They mainly emphasized on romantic and intimate experiences that were provided by the hotel other than luxurious accommodation like that which was provided by its competitors. Their excellent service with low cost also contributed greatly towards its success (Trout & Rivkin, 1996, p. 342).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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