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The paper "Hobart Travel International Marketing Plan" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Hobart is one of the tourism companies based in Tasmania, Australia. The company offers competitive tourism services like transport and tour guides. Tourism industries have continued to grow and the tourism market keeps on getting larger. With the creation of the middle class in most Asian countries, it is prudent that Hobart Travel expands its branches (Olujimi, k. 2014, 205-210). Hobart Travel continues to perform exceedingly well in the competitive Australian industry. The company’ s policies have seen it survive the periods of economic recession and it continues to attract tourists from far and wide due to its excellent services (Seymour, F.

1981, 123-30). The company emerged as the third most profitable tourism company in Tasmania in 2013. Currently, the company is embarking on a mission to expand its branches to other nations globally. The company has wide and varied goals and objectives. It hopes to be the best tourism travel company in Australia and beyond (Palmatier, W.2008, 153-67). In order to achieve this, the company plans to provide unique and competitive services that will satisfy its clients.

Hobart Travel aspires to open at least one agency each in European and Asian countries. Hobart Travel has adopted several strategies to ensure that it achieves its goals and objectives. It will liaise with the state government and support it to promote tourism in Tasmania. The company also plans to affiliate itself to institutions that offer tours and travel courses so that they can continue to be at par with the changes in the tourism industry (Everitt, R. 2012, 31-37). Hobart Travel will start by opening two agencies every year in the Asian countries followed by the same number of agencies in the European within the same period of time.

It is also going to refurbish its vehicles and hotels so that they are up to standard within a period of two years (Tanner, J. 2010, 23-25). Finally, it will embark on intensive advertisements and campaigns. 2.0 Situation Analysis Hobart tourism industry is involved in providing travel services, accommodation and tour guide to local and international visitors who visit different recreational parts in Australia. The travel services are either through air or sea with air travelling services exceeding those of sea.

Accommodation is available in many parts of the Hobart city. Many hotels provide accommodation to the visitors of the city (MTD Training. 2010, 45). Hobart tourism industry has also set up standard hotels in which the visitors put up at very reasonable prices. Tour guiding is provided by the employees of the Hobart tourism company who are well trained on how to handle and cater to their customers. The employees of this industry are locals who are well acquainted with the environment and geography of the visited places (Wrightman, L.

et al. , 2013, 11-17). Hobart tourism industry intends to increase the number of employees who guide the visitors in their tours as well as put up more buildings to cater to the visitors’ accommodation. We intend to expand our industry internationally and to have airlines based on the countries where we plan to put up our agencies.


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