Essays on Consequences For Global Marketing And Advertising Assignment

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The paper "Consequences For Global Marketing And Advertising" is a great example of a Marketing Assignment. The marketing plan of BBQfun has been formulated by setting aside $250000 to be used in advertising during the year. The main forms of advertising to be used include letterbox drops, radio, and magazines. Direct mail, coupon drops and magazines are other forms of advertising that will be used to achieve a successful campaign. The company also intends to advocate for the inclusion of articles about the company in BrisNews magazine. This is because BrisNews magazine has the potential to increase the sales of a particular product that it publishes.

The mission of BBQ fun is to provide customers with various forms of assortments that are of high quality and ensure it improves after-sales service to its customers. The company also has a mission of attracting and maintaining outdoor lifestyle customers who are willing to buy its products that ensure customer pride is achieved in their homes (Brumbaugh, Grier & Aaker, 2006). The company has a mission of providing high-quality services that exceed the expectations of customers.

The main objectives of the company include: increasing sales from $15 million per year to $20 million per year in the next three years, increase customer loyalty list from the present 10000 to 16,000 and to establish brand recognition in Brisbane that ensures at least two in three people recognize their brand in a random study done 18 months time. The main financial objectives of the company include: to improve in its growth rate for each year in the future, to reduce the overhead per store by applying a disciplined strategy of expenses management and to continue the growth of its growth profit margins (Cho & Khang, 2006).

Target marketing objectives of the company include the objective of purchasing entire suites and being sensitive to price changes, involvement in renovations in the areas of provision of high-quality items that meet various customer needs and replacement of worn-out products with functional products and well as providing a single point shop. The most regular customers of BBQfun are those aged 20 to 50 years that makeup 50% of the newly renovated market.

Marketing activities will be focused on these demographic groups. The positioning strategy that BBQfun intends to use is a position of broad assortments, quality, and unique outdoor sales of its products in Brisbane. The products are intended to be unique in their design and that allows customers to make different choices. The services of the company are intended to be an easy payment scheme that is preferred by the company’ s mortgage customers. The company also intends to train its staff so that that is equipped with the competence that enables them to provide quality customer services.

During its marketing activities, the main message that the company intends to spread is that it provides the most exotic, easy access to outdoor lifestyle products in Brisbane. The message will be spread using various methods such as direct mail so that communication with consumers can take place directly. In addition, ads and magazine inserts will be used to communicate the messages of the company to its customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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