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  • Because of the human aspect of ethics and its links to business success, corporate leaders must be careful about their behaviors, and how they address problems. For this assignment, you must select the code of ethical conduct for one (1) of the following

Essays on Because of the human aspect of ethics and its links to business success, corporate leaders must be careful about their behaviors, and how they address problems. For this assignment, you must select the code of ethical conduct for one (1) of the following Case Study

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Ethical conduct Introduction Ethics refer to the moral beliefs of an individual. Such values influence an individual’s decision by defining either right or wrong. Just as the definition suggests, ethics are relative a feature that implies that different people may judge different circumstances differently. Despite the relativity, ethical conduct requires a degree of honesty and integrity thereby ensuring that an individual acts justly without any form of supervision. Commercial organizations require their employees to behave in a particular manner that enhances the profitability of the organization. As such, the organizations often have various ethical codes of conduct to guide the behavior of the employees thereby ensuring that the employee maintain appropriate behavior.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is hotel thus operating in the hospitality industry. Just as any other industry in the country, the industry is competitive and therefore requires the hotel to uphold high ethical standards in order to meet the customers’ expectations (Moore, 2006). Chipotle therefore has a list of ethical codes, which it uses in monitoring the behavior of its employees. The codes ensure that the employees uphold particular values and therefore behave in a particular manner, one that minimizes any form of harm to either the employee or the business.

Among the key areas of the selected codes of conduct is competition. This portrays the company’s interests in safeguarding its interests all of which protects its profitability and longevity. The employees of the hotel should not accept any form of gift from competitors. Competitors are likely to offer gifts and incentives to the hotel’s employees thereby using such to obtain vital information on the operations of the hotel.

Such factors results in the loss of competitive advantage. Chipotle therefore bans its employees from receiving any gift from competitors, vendors and supplies al of who may desire to obtain pertinent information from the hotel’s employees. The codes of conduct further ban the hotel’s employees from any form of financial involvement that will compete with the hotel. Investing in a hotel elsewhere is likely to split the interests of the employee thereby determining his or her concentration in the operations of the hotel. As such, Chipotle hotel strives to control the investment decisions its employees make by restricting their financial involvement while outside the hotel premises.

The hotel further stresses on the need to comply with the codes of conduct. Compliance with the codes is mandatory for every employee with the management of the hotel outlining appropriate disciplinary actions for any employee who disregards the codes. This ensures that the employees uphold the provisions of the codes of conduct. While the hotel outlines numerous codes of conduct, the management’s primary task is to ensure that the employees comply with the codes. Among the steps the company’s management can take to ensure that the company’s employees uphold the values described in the codes is to develop friendly codes.

This implies that the management should involve the employees in the creation of the codes by seeking their thoughts and feelings on the codes. This way, the employees appreciate the values thus conforming to the dictates of the codes naturally. Another equally effective way of ensuring compliance with the codes is the inclusion of a disciplinary clause in the codes (Pride & Ferrell, 2006). The employees must uphold responsive behavior.

As such, the hotel should punish the employees who disregard the codes. Through appropriate disciplinary actions, the management will ensure that the employees uphold the values addresses in the codes. Socially responsive activities are effective means of marketing a commercial organization, such activities that benefit the society thereby improving the reputation of the company. Among the activities the Chipotle hotel can carry out include clean up exercises in which the hotel may contract a cleaning company to clean the streets and specific parts of the neighborhood.

Additionally, the hotel can as well renovate a neglected part of the city thereby developing a social park for the city (Burrow & Jim, 2009). This way, the hotel improves its reputation in the city. Cleanliness enjoys a close relationship with eateries. By carrying out such exercises, the hotel positions itself strategically as a clean establishment that strives to achieve a clean environment. Another equally appropriate socially responsive activity for the hotel is to institute mobile health clinics. Poor eating habits make people susceptible to some lifestyle diseases; by running the mobile clinics, the hotel will offer appropriate services that will improve the reputation of the hotel thereby improving its profitability.

The social responsive activities are cheap and cost effective means of marketing the products and services of a company. The hotel will therefore use significant amount of money in rolling out the initiatives but it stands to enjoy increased profitability. References Burrow, J. & Jim, B. (2009). Marketing. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. Moore, G. A. (2006). Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers. New York: CollinsBusiness Essentials.

Pride, W. M. & Ferrell, O. C. (2006). Marketing: Concepts and Strategies. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.

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