Essays on Beer Advertisement in Australia Assignment

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The paper "Beer Advertisement in Australia" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Marketing communication is concern about how messages and information are delivered in the business world to enhance the effective marketing of the products and services. This mostly involves creating public awareness of the existence of a commodity of concern hence convince them to prefer it amongst the list of the available and related. There are many forms of marketing communication considered in the current market society due to the changes in technology and advancement in the lifestyles of people.

Advertising, sales promotion, public relations, graphic design, and online marketing among others are some of the forms of marketing communication. Advertisement is the commonly used form of marketing communication in Australia due to its effectiveness in the delivery of the intended message. The advertisement messages are delivered to their targeted audiences through many and different devices of transmission. The study below considers an online video advertisement that was used to advertise beer. Beer advertisement in Australia The following is a web link of a YouTube advertisement commonly published in Australia to improve the marketing of Denmark beer.

Australia can be listed among the leading in the advertisement, not because of its high population or economic development but because of the competition in the business world thus the producers of various products and services are struggling hard to ensure that they win the attention of as many consumers as possible. http: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=L11fQ6-QTIc& NR=1& feature=fvwp Many related commodities are being manufactured and released to the market for the consumers to access them. These commodities, for example, the beer brands all serve the same purposes. To ensure that the objectives of the sales set are achieved, the producers should create awareness of all the information concerning the product especially that which makes it appear more unique to the others thus the targeted consumers may consider them to the others. The advertisement shown in the YouTube above is promoting Denmark beer in Australia.

The targeted audiences of this advertisement are young people especially those that are not married and looking for beautiful women and men to marry. The composer of the advert considers the nonverbal mode of communication because the drunkards are not expected to communicate well or sometimes sense and nonverbal is assumed to be the most factual with fewer exaggerations thus the audiences are expected to believe all that they see. It is full of humor, especially how the man sees the changing images of the woman he is attracted to.

As he becomes drunker the image of the woman that he saw at the beginning changes and becomes more beautiful and attractive. The advertisement is also targeted to reach the audiences undergoing some mental stress because the beer is able to change one's perception of things and the image that one has in life.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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