Essays on The Movie Beethoven's 2nd by Rod Daniel Movie Review

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The paper "The Movie Beethoven's 2nd by Rod Daniel" is a wonderful example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies. The movie Beethovens 2nd was written by Len Blum and directed by Rod Daniel. The characters in the movie were George, Alice, Ryce, Ted, and Emily - they are the Newton family who owns Beethoven. Regina was the villain in the movie and was helped by her boyfriend, Floyd. Brillo was Regina's future ex-husband, as they were in the process of getting divorced. Also in the characters was Missy, the lady St.

Bernard that Beethoven falls in love with and her four puppies which were named Chubby, Doll, Tchaikovsky, and Moe. The movie began in the house of the Newtons, where the family, together with Beethoven, has somehow adjusted to their life. The plot begins when Regina and Brillo were going to have a divorce. Regina wanted to get some money from Brillo, which led her to keep Missy under her custody. Missy escaped Reginas home with Beethoven, Ted and Emily's help but was later on taken back by her mean owner.

The Newton kids and Regina found out that Missy had puppies as well, and this made Regina want to get rid of them too. Ted and Emily brought the puppies secretly in their homes and took care of them. They even woke up in the middle of the night to feed them. However, George found out what his kids were doing and were angry because he had to deal with growing dogs again. Due to financial difficulties, Newton had to relocate to a house near the mountains and Beethoven thought the puppies were already safe, but he later knew he was wrong.

At the country fair that George and Beethoven participated in, Regina and Floyd saw them, and everything led to one chase after another. Regina took the puppies from the Newton while Beethoven and Missy were able to escape to the forest. Regina and Floyd followed them, and the Newtons realizing that the puppies were taken, ran after Regina. As Floyd attempted to drop the puppies into the river, Beethoven made a heroic move which made Floyd and Regina fall down the river and got washed away.

In the end, the Newtons kept the puppies and took care of them, and Missy was reunited with Brillo, and everyone was happy. The theme of the movie is being helpful, just as how Beethoven helped Missy, Ryce and the puppies in the movie. Helping without waiting for any reward is the best form of love even dogs can give.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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