Essays on Behavior: Do Holiday Rituals Enhance Well-Being Article

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by In my opinion findings mentioned in the research are worthy but they can’t be completely understood if some of their aspects and details won’t be discussed. It is necessary to add that social interactions and relationships between people affected greatly by subjective factors like their mood, character, appearance as well as the general circumstances of their life. That means that it is difficult if not impossible to somehow develop a pattern because taking center as a result it is significant to add that it is just an average statistics and there are a lot of people and families on the opposite sides of this gradation.

As for me I think that it all depends on the family and private close relationships between the memebers of family. If family has strong, reliable and lovable relationships between its members so the celebration of some holiday will be a pleasure for them. And on the contrary if family (as it often happens too) has a lot of misunderstandings between its members and if they can’t spend time with each other showing sympathy and interest it will be impossible for them to join themselves be it any holiday or just simple weekend dinner (Carr 2011).

Above that and despite humane tendency to abuse the most those who are closer to them holidays are the basis and foundation of an important tradition and this tradition is sharing of nice moments event if such superficial sharing is acted out. So be it routine or tradition it still depends mostly on the family itself. ReferencesCarr, N.

(2011) Childrens and Families Holiday Experience. London: Routledge

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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