Essays on Organisation Culture and Values, Managerial Challenges Regarding Legal Regulatory Requirement Assignment

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The paper "Organisation Culture and Values, Managerial Challenges Regarding Legal Regulatory Requirement" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Organisational Culture and values form the backbone of any business or organisation. In his case culture and values define the organisation's operation, the relation of the different individuals within an organisation on the basis of religion, social, ethnic relation. Businesses globally have embraced culture and values in order to boost teamwork and work efficiency in their organisation. Thus, by embracing culture and values the effort to make the world a global village has been achieved.

An organisation embrace of culture and values leads to sharing of ideologies, technologies, and thoughts. This has boosted the growth of various sectors of the organisation at large. The rate at which the world is becoming a global village is increasing day by day. This is attributed to many organisations embracing culture and values. Most organisations have a relative blend of different individuals with a different language, religion, and place of origin. This has led to these organisations and business embracing certain cultures and values an effort to foster their operation (Bukhari and Sharma 40).

These cultures and values have enabled business entities and organisation to share views, economic and business activities, technologies and social, political innovations, and local and global resources. Due to the current growth and development of national societies and international contacts becoming increasingly common organisation cultures and values can therefore no longer be ignored in the business and organisations domain. Judging by the current business and organisation trend one will notice that corporations are increasingly being involved in the adoption of cultures and values that ensure their growth and development (Cennamo and Gardner 24-36). In line with the adoption of cultural values, there are issues which organisations face in the light of globalisation and corporate responsibilities.

Intercultural communication is one arising issue for an organisation in its effort to adopt a particular organisation culture or value. Embracing any organisational culture or value comes with many unforeseen problems.

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