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Essays on Use of Outsourcing, Activity-Based Budgeting, and Management, and Continuously Improving Efficiency Report

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The paper "Use of Outsourcing, Activity-Based Budgeting, and Management, and Continuously Improving Efficiency" is a perfect example of a management report.   Benchmarking is a critical tool for the management and improvement of businesses. This report provides an evaluation of the performance of our CBD building facilities against the industry's benchmark data in order to identify opportunities for improvement and enhancement of efficiency. The data chosen for benchmarking is operational income and operation costs. The data was chosen because being accounting data; it has some statistical advantages that facilitate comparison. Although the firm has a positive operating income, the operation cost is high.

This necessitates the need for strategies to reduce costs. The report explores the use of outsourcing, activity-based budgeting and management, and continuously improving efficiency. Introduction Benchmarking is an important tool for monitoring and controlling business development (Elliott & Folsom, 2013). We have also adopted this tool to evaluate and monitor the performance of our facilities. Our CBD building has completed its business year and it time to evaluate and report its performance. This business performance report will evaluate the performance of the CBD building facility against benchmarked performance.

The report will determine and justify the benchmark data that is to be used for this analysis. Data Choice Several sets of data will be used to evaluate the facility. The data sets will capture various different benchmarks in regard to the performance of the building. The building is located in Perth CBD. It is eight years building with an A-Grade standard. The building possesses a net lettable space of 23, 000m2. Recent data that will be used for this benchmark analysis include operating income, operating expenses.

The choice of these data is based on the fact that is the best data necessary to evaluate a firm’ s performance or growth. It is also the main set of data used to benchmark the performance of firms in the property industry.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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