Essays on The Impact of Globalization on Business Strategies of Apple Inc Case Study

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The paper "The Impact of Globalization on Business Strategies of Apple Inc" is an outstanding example of an essay on business. Apple Inc. has emerged as one of the most successful companies in the world in relation to its production line, domestic and global operations, and performance. Achieving this success has not come easy for the company. Since its establishment, the company has had its ups and downs, successes, and failures, but it has emerged stronger after all. The uniqueness of the company’ s business aspects outperforms many rivals in the industry.

Most importantly, Apple engages in some business practices that enhance its performance in both local and international markets. The company employs a number of practices that can be termed best in relation to the impact it has had on its business line. These practices include but not limited to: effective and efficient customer service, prioritizing market demands, use of cutting edge technology in production, providing a favorable working environment for the employees, undertaking market research for the purpose of bridging market gaps, the establishment of product and service follow-up and feedback collection programs, and ensuring that product quality and pricing policies are locally and internationally competitive (Stanton, 2011).

These practices have moved the company to the top of the league in the industry it operates in. The operational processes and procedures that Apple employs ensure that the company remains envisioned to its operational goals and objectives (Grant, 2011). These processes and procedures focus on both short term and long term success in business. The operational processes ensure that all stakeholders are brought on board and that they coherently relate and cooperate for the benefit of the internal and external business environments.

Of course, the primary objective of the company is to satisfy its customers and subsequently build a strong business portfolio in the process. The procedures observed relate to the set standards of operation between the company and the targeted markets. The idea is to diversify operations in order to significantly capture more and more market share locally and internationally. The product and service line of Apple is not so different from its rivals. However, the creativity, innovativeness, and technology employed in production totally differentiate its products and services from those of rivals.

Apple’ s PCs and mobile handsets have moved the company up the local and international ladder. This is due to the fact that the company develops its own operating systems for the PCs and handsets, and subsequently offers quality products and services that are at times customized according to customer specifications. While the company’ s business continues to grow, develop, and thrive, the impact of globalization on its business strategies cannot be ignored. Globalization has increasingly opened up local and international markets, paving way for relatively cheap and low-quality products (Jain, 2011).

In this respect, the threats posed by globalization to the company cannot be ignored. The company faces competition from low-priced products and services from across the globe. However, the company has also had the chance to reach out to global markets that were previously hard to enter. Amid the challenges that globalization has posed to the company, the company has had a chance to exploit opportunities realized from globalization.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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