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Essays on Best Western Plus Madison Spa and Hotel - Affordable Pricing of Goods and Amenities, Environmental Factors Affecting Tourism and Hospitality Industry Report

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The paper “ Best Western Plus Madison Spa and Hotel - Affordable Pricing of Goods and Amenities, Environmental Factors Affecting Tourism and Hospitality Industry“ is a  well-turned variant on a report on marketing. The hospitality industry in Australia has been very robust and very booming over the last few years. The last decade has shown a lot of growth in this sector and this has enabled the creation of many hotels and resorts that attract a variety of both local and foreign tourists. The rapture of hotels in the country has resulted in widespread competition among various hotels in this country.

As an extension, these hotels have managed to increasingly diversify their scope and scale of services so that they can offer competitive services. The result has been a total upgrade of the various players in the hotels and hospitality industry in the country. As such, it has become important for each of these players to deliver services to such a scale that places them at a position that enables them to be competitive. This report offers a marketing plan for the Madison Spa Resort in Melbourne, Australia.

The hotel is located two and a half hours away from Melbourne town, one of the most industrious towns in the country. The hotel poises itself as a four and a half star hotel from the hotel classification criterion that makes it one of the best hotels to reside in. There are varieties of services offered in this hotel as this marketing report shows. Briefly, the hotel has positioned itself as a spa as well as a resort, making it become well placed to attract clients from different diversities and occupations.

This report serves to work as a marketing plan of Madison Spa and resort hotel and it will detail all the proponents of the marketing strategy that the hotel uses in its bid to place itself strategically for competition. The report will look at the evaluation of the company using the SWOT analysis and the environmental factors that could affect the way of business in this hotel as well as the tourism and hospitality industry. Company profiling: Best western plus Madison spa and hotelMadison Spa and resort is located on Cobb highway, Meninya Street approximately two and a half hours from Melbourne city (Madison hotel website 2013).

The hotel is settled on 40-acre natural bushland in the south of Wales, allowing the visitors to engage themselves in plush lounges and surroundings. The scenery surrounding the hotel is best suited for nature walks, relaxation, and picnics. With over 40 rooms, the hotel gives visitors the chance to enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding red gum forest. The setting of the hotel makes it a natural choice for weddings, anniversaries, group functions and other corporate events.

The hotel has been designed and built to meet the luxurious expectations of modern visitors and people who enjoy good living. PersonnelThe hotel boasts of a high number of qualified personnel. The hotel has over 200 employees working on a permanent basis and over 100 others who are employed when the demand is too high. The staffs have different forms of qualifications that are designed to allow them to offer the best services to the customers in this hotel.

There are a number of cleaners and maids in this hotel, drivers, gardeners, security officers, masseurs, waiters and waitresses, supervisors and managers. Every person works hard in their own capacity to meet the hotel’ s mission of providing absolute comfort to their guests.      


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