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The paper "Overview of the Website Best Buy " is a good example of a business case study.   Best Buy is a retailer of consumer electronics that deals in-home office products, entertainment equipmen, t and software, appliances, and other services. Best Buy operates in two major segments, the one is Domestic and another one is International. It is a global family of brands and an industry leader with more than 40 years of history. Bestbuy. com is a very trustworthy website among online consumers that offers a large variety of products and services. They have a punch line - 'Thousands of Possibilities.

Get Yours. ', and this is exactly what they are offering to the customer through the website. It serves all kinds of price-sensitive customers whether the customer is interested in saving money with a special promotion, or finding the hottest items flying off the shelves of your local stores, BestBuy. com has all kinds of inventory and selection which you could possibly need. (SUMMARY OF BESY BUY CO INC n. d.) There are a large number of products by categories mentioned on the website like Electronics, Cameras, Computers, Home Appliances, and Gifts, etc.

All these have various subcategories of products which are mentioned on websites. One can choose all the products of the same range in the same product category. One can rollover the images and get the required information. This is one of the top differences that exist between BestBuy. com and other similar shopping websites. This website also works on providing promotional schemes, discounts, and reward points to the customers. Bestbuy. com provides a very good shopping experience; one can see a product in a 3D dimension to better get a feel of the look of the product.

Best buy also featured services such as the Geek Squad which will help to find the electronics one need. In other services, bestbuy. com provides a Digital Music Store, the Sirius Satellite Radio, Mobile Installation and lots more. Bestbuy. com is a great place to visit and buy for the right products at the right price. Best Buy resembles other online shopping sites, but it has some special features that other lack, such as the design and help section. Best Buy is far better and beyond the nation's leading retailer of consumer electronics, consistently outperforming its peers.

The company's product mix includes digital and analog TVs, home theatre systems, personal computers, entertainment software. (SUMMARY OF BESY BUY CO INC n. d.) Business Model, Business Objective The business model of BestNuy. com is similar to the Business to Consumers (B2C) model. They define their business as meeting the wants and needs of their consumers. They believe that their assets and resources position them to solve customer problems and queries. They are building strong continuing and emerging relationships with companies like Apple, Dell and CPW; and all of the other mutually enriching business relationships that their people continue to establish and develop wherever they go around the world.

Best Buy. com also has websites for their brands like BestBuy. com, BestBuy. ca, BestBuy. com. cn, espanol. BestBuy. com, and BestBuyMobile. com, CarphoneWarehouse. com, Five-Star. cn, FutureShop. ca, GeekSquad. com, GeekSquad. ca, MagnoliaAV. com, Napster. com, PacificSales. com, PhoneHouse. com, and Speakeasy. net. They generate significant positive cash flows from their websites.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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