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The paper "Beta Golf" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. a. Why does the Beta Group exist? What is the business model for Beta? What does this tell us about translating innovation into value? According to Katz, Sahlman & Roberts (2005), “ The Beta Group was founded to develop and apply a systematic, multidisciplinary approach to innovation” (2). The Beta Group focuses on improving business engineering. Business engineering in this concept refers to the development and strategy of the various markets and technologies available through a multi-disciplinary team. Beta employed this concept through the usage of funding search and management search.

Both of these concepts focus on creating opportunities based on the market’ s needs and demands. Further, the concept of business engineering helps to provide investors with financial security by increasing the successes of the investments and limiting the failures. Thus increasing the number of capital investors will invest.   b. What is a sensible development plan for HXL technology? Of the various choices for exploiting the technology, which would you choose? Why? In what order? The Beta Group utilized a sensible development in HXL technology.

HXL technology is a branch of the Beta Group developed in order “ to commercialize Beta’ s new technology” (4). Based upon the various choices presented in the article in terms of exploiting technology I also agree to advance the golf clubs. Golf is a game played by numerous people. People are always attempting to improve their golf game. With the technology employed HXL allows the individual to advance their game at a reasonable price. My second choice would be advance the tennis racket.

However, I believe that this would investment would not produce the same revenues as the advancement of the golf clubs. c. What would happen to this project if it were developed inside an existing industry competitor? What would a venture capitalist do with Beta Golf? If this project were developed inside of a competitor's market, the Beta industry both the Beta Group and the product manufactured may not have been as successful. The Beta Group focused on a particular product, specifically sporting equipment. However, the Beta Group conducted research and employed strategic business decisions that allowed investors to what to invest larger quantities of money into the project.

If a competitor had developed this product it may or may not have been successful depending upon the company’ s present and previous business and financial investments. A venture capitalist would invest in Beta Golf. This is because this company employs a strong strategic background and demonstrates the potential for financial growth. Venture capitalists focus on companies that demonstrate a strong potential for financial growth. In determining these company venture capitalists invest fiancé s in order to profit on the returns.

Similarly, if this product had not been developed by the Beta Group investors may or may not have invested in this product.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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