Essays on Fire Services Departments Role in the UK and UAE Case Study

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The paper 'Fire Services Departments Role in the UK and UAE" is a good example of a management case study. The paper discusses the history and evolution of the fire departments of the two countries, i.e. UAE and UK. The two countries are completely different from each other in terms of moral values, society, lifestyles, etc. The fire fighting history of the UK dates back to the 16th century whereas in UAE it is a new phenomenon if we compare it with the UK. The paper also discusses different leadership theories and where they should be employed.

The paper examines the difference in the leadership characteristics of the two countries in terms of their fire services. The purpose of the paper is to examine the history, services, and the role of fire fighting is playing. The cultural and environmental differences between the two countries make the comparison more interesting. Historical Development of Fire Services History and Role of fire services in the UAE The establishment of the ministry of Civil defence took place in the UAE in 1976. The Civil defence imposed certain responsibilities on itself.

Those responsibilities were the protection of the citizens, the protection of the public and private properties, the rescue of victims, transportation of citizens in a secure manner, protection of national wealth during war and emergency. Under the above-mentioned responsibilities, the responsibility of providing fire services to the citizens came under the jurisdiction of the Civil Defence. Therefore, the department of fire services emerged as one of the main organs of the interior ministry under the supervision of general directorate of Civil defence. The interior ministry was required to take all possible steps to ensure that the directorate of civil defence and the department officials perform their duties properly.

The role of the fire department of the Civil Defence was to ensure the protection of the citizens of UAE against fire. The basic aim behind the creation of the Civil defence unit was the protection of property and life of the citizens of the UAE. That is why fire services play a very important part in fulfilling this agenda. The fire services department is required to take all possible measures to ensure the safe exit of the citizens trapped in a fire.

Their next priority then becomes ensuring the safety of the property and belongings of the citizens if possible. They are also required to take necessary measures for the installation of the necessary equipment and technology to ensure better protection and security. (Dubai civil Defence, 2007). History and Role of fire services in the UK The natives of the United Kingdom experienced the first organized fire fighting in 43A. D., during the Roman invasion. The fire fighting at that time was similar to the method fire is fought nowadays.

People use to throw buckets of water or syringes that squirted water with pressure on the fire. In the year 1666, London experienced the most horrible fire ever, often referred to as the Great Fire of London. That fire changed the perspectives of many people regarding fire fighting and in the aftermath of the event, several different people came up with different ideas regarding fire fighting. All these events lead to the organization of the fire services to the extent it is now.

The first act for fire services was introduced in 1947 and it became effective on 1st April 1948. The consequence of the act was 148 fire brigades operating under County Council and County Borough. The amalgamation of these fire brigades of County and City took place in 1974, because of the re-organization of the local government. Updates were made in the act very recently in 2004. Under a more recent action, several of the fire brigades have been taken away from the authorities of local government and given to private authorities.

Currently, there are 63 brigades in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (UK Fire services resources group, 2007).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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