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The paper "Bilingual Education: A Critique by Peter J. Duignan" is a great example of an article on education. The website titled “ Bilingual Education: A critique” , by Peter J. Duignan is an educational site that evaluates the evolution of bilingual education since the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and the Bilingual Education Act of 1968. Its purpose is therefore to educate. The author has analyzed the practice of bilingual education by giving its background arguments for and against it, and a constructive approach of multicultural as well as multilingual education. In addition, Duignan has considered the appropriateness of bilingual education based on established claims and profiled Latinos.

Several bilingual education advocates have been identified and their opinions discussed (Duignan). Hoover Institution press website associates itself with this publication by Duignan. It provides a summary of “ Bilingual Education: A critique” , which indicates the development of bilingual education (Duignan). Peter J. Duignan, a prolific writer, is a senior member at the Hoover Institution. Duignan has master's and doctoral degrees in history from Stanford University. He is an associate of the Stanford University African Studies Committee and the Council of European Studies (Duignan).

Duignan is also a member of the African Studies Association, Association of Research Libraries, East Studies Association, American History Association, and Royal Historical Society, among others. Duignan has comprehensive publications on relative colonial history, immigration, African bibliography and documentation, modern European history, U.S. foreign policy, Atlantic Alliance, as well as Hispanics in the United States. Duignan’ s current publications include Bilingual Education: A Critique, The Spanish Speakers in the United States: A History, NATO: It's Past, Present and Future as well as African and the World.

Peter J. Duignan has received several awards, which include the Rockefeller Foundation award, international fellowship, Guggenheim fellowship, and Ford foreign area fellowship to Africa (Duignan). The website is funded by the Hoover Institution of Stanford University. The article by Duignan is under the monographs of Hoover Institution’ s publications. Furthermore, the article’ s copyright is owned by the Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University. I believe that the information contained in the publication is correct considering the author’ s credentials. Duignan provides precise details of bilingual education while referencing the instance of their occurrence.

Additionally, Duignan has based his work on other accredited findings as well as publications (Duignan).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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