Essays on Big An Yellow - Business Model For A New Site Assignment

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1. Introduction: The developments in the World Wide Web have given rise to the application of selling through the Internet in the form on web sites and virtual malls and directory services. Mendes et al (2004) notes that over the last five years, there has been a substantial increase in the presence of many organisations on the Internet. These organisations have adopted methods through which they have been known to sell their goods or services online and specific tailored business models have been adopted by them- to make a successful entry to the now competitive online market. 2.0 Application of Online Model2.1 Extension of Business model through Internet: The online experience is summarised in the term e-commerce- which elaborates the business function of selling into the dimension of internet.

The processes of businesses are adapted from a physical entity to an experience for the existing and prospect clients to make support, service and sales a convenient and friendly procedure. The conclusion is determined by Mendes et al (2004) based on an extensive research on business websites that will support this report on the development of a strong web model for Big & Yellow.

I recommend that the expansion of our business entity towards an online business function may be useful in terms of the increases reliability and greater benefits in terms of cost reduction in controlling customer churn and therefore increased profits. 2.2 The Basis of selling: Since online selling has now developed into an experience that the customer sees as the value addition to their cost of purchase, the online business model for the website may be categorised into the functions of the physical stature of the business and may be defined as follows: 3.0 Site Design: 3.1 Design ConceptThe site is designed on the basis if more text specific design to extensively infuse search engine optimisation through keywords which can be developed along with the layout of the above template.

The links have been put on the top and differentiated where the site has been designed with full accessibility features where even the blind will be able to hear the text in its representative state through a customised browser. 3.2 Content and ManagementThe page has been divided through the use of the tables as separators to make the page ease out in layout and be convenient to use.

Recent updates have been put on the page along with an RSS news feed and all these would be customisable according to the needs and preferences of the user. These news and updates can further be dynamically controlled as per the geographical location of the user through its IP address. The calendar has been used to provide a utility to organise the content and manage the tasks that may be shared with other users online so that the website may provide a group task utility for the managers and decision makers.

This may be extended in using this site as a discussion and task oriented board, where equipment and other decisions may be discussed and noted by the sellers and buyers. These features are based on the following observations and research:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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